Sunday, August 9, 2015

Joseph D. Peters Writes Film Article, New Script and Launches New Web Page

 Independent producer, Joseph D. Peters, has written a film article and posted it on LinkedIn. He has also completed his latest script, “Tango Rendezvous,”which is designed to shoot in Argentina. In addition, he has added a new web page called "Favorite Films" on his website. The film article is entitled, “Explore World Cinema from the Past to the Present”. Joseph interweaves his journey as a filmmaker along with his exposure to World Cinema. He made his first film, “Mais Que Nada,” back in July of 1985. Since that time, he has made several films that have received several film awards from various film festivals. He discusses the need to discover different kinds of filmmaking techniques and styles from the past to the present through the lens of a worldwide perspective.

Joseph remarks, “My father of German descent made me want to explore European Cinema. My mother from Bogota, Colombia has led me to the world of Latin American Cinema." The article can be found through this link on his website…

Joseph has recently written his latest feature script, “Tango Rendezvous”. The script is a romantic noir thriller with Latin music and dance. The Latin market is currently being under served and he has completed other thrillers to address that need. “Tango in the Dark”, “A Silence Within”, “Shadow of the Werewolf”, “Blood on the Streets”, and “Silent Storms” are all designed to shoot in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Spain. From this link… you can click onto each title and find a short video overview, first ten pages of the script, sample storyboards, budget, letters of interest from proposed cast and key crew, logline, synopsis, and additional information that might interest prospective investors and executive producers.

The lasted addition is a web page called Favorite Films. It is comprised of almost one hundred of his favorite worldwide films from the past to the present that have influenced him. Each film is showcased by posters, photo stills, trailers, movie clips, and featurettes. Here is the link to that webpage…

Joseph smiled and remarked, “Never again will you wonder which film to rent or download.”

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