Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lost Colony Entertainment Announces New Film Partnership

The deal--which will facilitate the financing and production of 5-10 films per year--includes "She Rain" (an adaptation of Cogdill's acclaimed novel of the same name), the sci-fi actioner "Starborn" (based on the book by S.C. Megale), a biopic on the life of Sabrina Greenlee (the woman who overcame an attack which left her blind and disfigured to lead her son, DeAndre Hopkins, to a successful career in the NFL), and the fantasy yarn "The Wizard of Seattle" (from the novel by perennial New York Times best-selling author Kay Hooper).

Lost Colony is a New York City-based motion picture production company established by filmmaker Richard O'Sullivan in 2001.

HeartStrong Media is the production company of 29-time Emmy-winner and National Edward R. Murrow recipient Michael Cogdill (NBC, CNN).

Vrai Moi is the production company of producer Sandra Rayne Garcia.

Official website: http://www.lostcolonyentertainment.com

IMDb credits: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0108255/?ref_=fn_al_co_1