Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Seeking Valentina," Finds Acclaim on Two Continents in One Weekend

Armin Nasseri wants to change the way U.S. audiences see ethnic minorities in the U.S., and it seems Delhi Shorts International Film Festival and FANtastic Horror Film Festival of San Diego applaud Nasseri’s efforts.  Nasseri’s psychological thriller short was an Official Selection of the 4th annual edition of Delhi Shorts International Film Festival.  Seeking Valentina was awarded by a Special Festival Mention by the esteemed film festival, which was Seeking Valentina’s International and Asian Premiere.

Seeking Valentina was also lauded at FANtastic Horror Film Festival, nominated for 14 awards, it garnered five:  Best Director of a Short Film (Armin Nasseri), Best Actor of a Short Film (Ali Bavarian), Best Actress of a Short Film (Kristin West), Best Sound Design (Armin Nasseri & SkyXross) and Best Score (SkyXross).   Seeking Valentina, written and directed by Armin Nasseri, follows Benjamin (played by Ali Bavarian), an Iranian-American writer, in the pangs of grief. When Benjamin takes in a whimsical and an engaging tenant and she mysteriously disappears, it is for the audience to decide is she a ghost, a hallucination, a dream or a runaway.  Enigmatic and controversial to some, Seeking Valentina has received tremendous critical acclaim worldwide.

Nasseri vigorously resisted stereotyping throughout his production, and cast many actors against type.  Regarding his film’s recent success both in the U.S. and abroad, Nasseri says, “I am deeply humbled and honored to accept the award for Best Director of a Short Film at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival.”  He adds, “I'm very proud that we were awarded Best Sound Design along with Ali Bavarian winning Best Actor, Kristin West winning Best Actress and aka SkyXross winning Best Original Score. A special thanks to my Seeking Valentina cast and crew whose hard work has spoken.”   FANtastic Horror Film Festival of San Diego purports to give its attendees, “the opportunity to see films, brand-spanking-new horror, red-hot off the shelf, never seen in San Diego,” and “the freshest horror in the city.”

Kristin West, lead actress and producer, says, “We are so grateful for the enthusiastic reception and recognition of Seeking Valentina at FANtastic Horror Film Festival and Delhi Shorts International Film Festival. We are deeply honored.”  Nasseri and West follow their successes in San Diego and Delhi with the announcement of Seeking Valentina’s Canadian Premiere to be held at Toronto World International Film Festival in December and his Official Selection at Los Angeles CineFest.

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