Friday, December 4, 2015

Into The Forest, Out With A New Film

Award winning filmmaker, Richard LeMay, director of 200 AmericanWhirlwind and the critically acclaimed, Naked As We Came, transitions from LGBT  to Horror genre with his first crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo to complete his new film, The Dark Rite.

Inspired by films like Rosemary's Baby and The BelieversThe Dark Rite unfolds the story of a very powerful family of witches, whom every 25 years must perform the unthinkable – human sacrifice, including a family member.   While the theme for The Dark Rite, came to LeMay after watching the news about a string of home invasions in Long Island, LeMay says, “I’ve always wanted to direct a horror film.  I waited for a truly original idea.”  So off he went into the forest and wrote a screenplay.  A year later, the result was a story about witches, LeMay titled, The Dark Rite.

Shot in upstate New York, The Dark Rite, stars emerging Hollywood starlet, Eden Brolin, as Kerry, an eighteen year old girl who finds herself the target of the unimaginable.  Ross Wellinger (David), the youngest member of the witch family chosen to perform the family’s dark ritual this time around, but he finds himself conflicted between his desires for Kerry and his family’s occult activity.  Rounding out the Rite cast is CSI alumnus, Gerald McCullouch, Justin Davis from Boardwalk Empire, and Emmy award winner, Eric Nelsen.

The IndieGoGo campaign for The Dark Rite begins on November 6th and runs for 45 days.  For further information please contact Kirk Shannon-Butts of Flickeria at 917.545.4360 or Kirk@Flickeria . com.

INDIEGOGO: TheDarkRite   FACEBOOK: TheDarkRite   TWITTER: @TheDarkRite    IG: TheDarkRite

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