Thursday, December 10, 2015

Industry Executive, 'Eddie Gordon', Set to Unveil Kings Of Movies

Kings Of Spins' USA founder, Eddie Gordon, is teaming up with Cheryl Schayer and Belinda Foster to officially launch Kings Of Movies in January 2016. Kings Of Movies, a new movie online marketing platform, will promote the work of independent and major films to the KINGS global Radio DJ database linked to social media giants, Twitter, Facebook and the KINGS VIP list of essential movie bloggers.

Los Angeles-based Eddie Gordon, a prominent British music business innovator who has been assisting with the Grammys the last 7 years, is well known for having the scent of what's changing. September 2002 in New York for a closed room session of American music business bosses, Gordon told them that their companies had "to get online with the music fans or die". Gordon flew home and created the world's first online music promotion platform. In 2006, whilst moderating a panel at a Billboard Music Conference in Las Vegas, Gordon told a packed room "that the iPod was equal to the Elvis Presley revolution for music BUT that the iPod combined with a mobile PHONE would equal The Beatles revolution for music." It would change the game totally. Nine months later June 2007, Apple launched their first iPhone.

"We are looking forward to rolling out this new method of promotion for independent and feature film-makers who will love seeing their great work circulating around the world via radio recommendations and social media in the same light that Kings Of Spins has successfully shone on over 7,500 great new music releases. KINGS has over 106,000 tweets on its Twitter page that are all actual DJ reactions to music received from KINGS, it works! We are all lifelong movie and music lovers, so anything that creates awareness for something you love is easy to get excited about,” says Gordon.

"The entertainment business knows that social media have changed the world and 'people really believe what they see',” Gordon continues, "it's the logical step with Kings Of Spins to Kings Of Movies, especially with the love affair that has always flowed between music and movies. So many great movies have great soundtracks, too."

First out of the royal gates for Kings of Movies is the official launch of the independent feature film, “Under the Blood-Red Sun,” directed by Tim Savage. The film is based on Graham Salisbury’s best-selling book, "Under the Blood-Red Sun," just reprinted by Random House in a Special 20th Anniversary Edition. Plus a major Sony release that "knocks you out.” :)

Kings Of Spins is a champion campaigner for new artists and their releases. - Billboard USA

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