Saturday, December 12, 2015


Best Supporting Actress Feature Horror: Tara London, Black Wraith
Best Supporting Actor Short Drama: Eric Eastman, Point Society
Best Supporting Actress Joan Chak, Illusionism
Best Supporting Actress Short Drama: Megan Phelps, Point Society
Best Ensemble Cast Short: Breaktime
Best Actor Local Short Drama: Edgar Gonzalez, Betrayal
Best Actor Short Horror: Robert Clohessy, The Last Taxi Driver
Best Actress Short Drama: Ying Ying Li, Soft Shelled Crab and Metal Claw
Best Actress Short Fantasy: Molly Ryman, Leaving
Best Actress Short Sci-Fi/Horror, Caitlyn Fletcher, Slave Master, the Beginning 
Best Actor Feature Dramedy: Stephen Medvidick, Suicide Party ‪#‎Save‬Dave
Best Actor Feature Horror: Doug Bollinger, Clean Cut
Best Actor Feature Action Drama: Tom Malloy, Hero of the Underworld
Best Actor Feature Drama: Ryan Wesen, Before the Snow 
Best Actress Feature Ensemble Drama: Nelcie Souffrant, Life is Too Short
Best Actress Samantha Hickman, Illusionism
Best Director Short Drama: Joseph Accardi, Soft Shelled Crab and Metal Claw
Best Director Local Short Drama: Keith Vaile, Betrayal
Best Director Short Comedy: Chris J. Cullen, Must Hurry!
Best Director Short Fantasy, Debra Markowitz, Leaving
Best Director Short Sci-Fi, Gregg Lillie, Gentleman’s Game
Best Director Ensemble Short, Pat Kazanjian: Breaktime
Best Director Student Short Documentary, Samuel Levy, The Projection Booth
Best Director Short Documentary, Mark VanZevenbergen, After Tragedy
Best Director Feature Ensemble Drama: Antoine Allen, Life is Too Short
Best Director Feature Horror: Keith Vaile, Black Wraith
Best Director Feature Action Drama: John Vincent, Hero of the Underworld
Best Director Feature Romantic Comedy: Kelsey O’Brien, Enchantments
Best Director Supernatural Thriller: Tony Picciotti, Illusionism
Best Animation: The Family Blend
Best Short Comedy: A Box Came to Brooklyn 
Best Short Horror: The Last Taxi Driver
Best Feature Documentary: The Business of Staying Young
Best Feature Horror: Clean Cut 
Best Feature Dramedy: Suicide Party #Save Dave
Best Feature Drama: Before the Snow
Best Short Documentary, Glen’s Village
Best Feature Musical Documentary: The Moment: Bonnaroo
Best Feature Comedy: Show Business
Best Actor Short Drama: Burt Young, Tom in America
Best Short Drama: Tom in America
Best Director Short Drama, Social Issues: Albert Kahn, Our People
Atlantic City Cinefest 2015 Lifesaver
Creative Growth Award
Keith Collins
Atlantic City Cinefest 2015 Lifesaver
Creative Achievement Award
Brian O’Halloran
Feature Script Winners
1st: Outside the Wire by Rob Yescombe
2nd: Ryan’s Crusade by Chris J Dean
3rd: Derek Dickens & The Dream by Phil Valentine FS
Student: Four Days of May by Christopher Heiman
Short Script Winners
1st: But I Will Still Go on Loving You Until the End of Times by Kristian Van der Heyden
2nd: Good Enough by Susan Damato
3rd: Atmo-Sphere by Steven Canfield Crowley
Student: Between Life and Death by David Briody

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