Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Performance Art Hits the Streets of New York with Artist Marco Biagini's "High Visibility Burqa"

 Women dressed in fluorescent yellow burqas draw attention to international beliefs and way of dress to promote the opening of the controversial film, "The Tainted Veil," opening at the Cinema Village in NYC on December 11th.

Models wearing high visibility burqas will perform in the streets of New York City on December 3-5th to promote the release of award winning documentary feature film, "The Tainted Veil" which opens at the Cinema Village Theater on Friday, December 11th and to raise awareness about women's rights.  The film opens at an explosive time in history when words and ideas are called into question and the world is in flames. 

“The Tainted Veil” is an important and fascinating film for this exceedingly precarious time. The practice of covering or the choices of what to wear based on personal beliefs is a universal issue.

The documentary feature explores the ancient custom of women wearing the hijab (headscarf), a signal to the world that they are Muslim. Many women choose to continue the antiquated practice, adhering to an act of modesty and religious law. Now, 21st century Muslim women are finding and using their voices and, quite literally, their heads to make a personal determination to wear the hijab or go uncovered. Either way, they are at risk as a simple headscarf holds a myriad of meanings. 

The performance piece, "High Visibility Burqa (2)" was created by the Italian artist Marco Biagini as a development of the original performance piece “High Visibility Burqa (1)” mounted at the 56th Biennale of the Arts in Venice, Italy, 2015. Mr. Biagini will be in attendance. 

For Muslim women, the ritual of wearing a religious covering, meant to be a protection, now incites contention or even violence. Women in burqas instigate curiosity and often suspicion. Using models in bright neon colored burkas, artist Marco Biagini seeks to bring the subject into the headlines. "The Tainted Veil" offers insight from scholars, politicians, religious leaders and the women themselves in a question that dates back to early civilization and still rages today.

"The Tainted Veil" is one of 124 documentaries submitted for consideration in the documentary feature category for the 2016 Oscars. Directed by Ovidio Salazar, Nahla Al Fahad and Mazen Al Khayrat the film opens in NYC on Friday, December 11th at the Cinema Village, 22 E. 12th St., New York, NY 10003.


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