Monday, June 5, 2017

Hassan Haze debuts new comedic short "Job Hunting"

Writer, Director, Actor and Hip-Hop artist Hassan Haze has released his first short film "Job Hunting". The film "Job Hunting" is a comedic knee slapper that finds Mr. Time (Haze) on the hunt in some very unconventional places to find a gig. The film is relevent with millennials who often find themselves in work environments that are not necessarily in what they went to school for.

Haze wrote this short upon completing broadcast school and enlisted some unknown but top notch talent. Maurice White plays music mogul "Big Dirt" whose performance is nothing short of epic. The hilarious "Big Dirt" interviews Mr. Time and mid interview busts out into a rap to "The Notorious BIG's" track Who Shot Ya. There are many funny moments in the film but this is the funniest most ridiculous moment of the film.

The film features actors Joe Elzie, Bayleaf, Gloria Paz, Doug Bossman, Jay Wells, Ezra Wells, Byrant Fleming and Theophilious Haynes. The classic low budget film is available on youtube.

Job Hunting

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