Friday, June 23, 2017

Screenwriter/Director Maurice W Begins production on new emotional drama "Broken Strings"

If you are a person who cries at movies, then be prepared to bring tissues, says Writer/Director Maurice W when talking about his new film Broken Strings.

The talented writer/director who once contributed to  TV shows like Law &Order and Forever, has decided to launch his own production company. He wrapped the film Candle In The Wind and almost imediatley began prepping a new emotional tale.

Broken Strings is a Film that explores Life, Love , and Loss  but not in a any you would expect.  The film has cast award winning actors Jacinth Sutphin (Diary of a Badman), and Yanna Buttons (Connected, Witness, Coming Home) as well as Jarret Scantlebury (Call Me), Darryl Manning (the Terms), and Kellie Renee (The Terms).

The film is being self funded and therefore has launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist in production.

Several supporters may end up being listed as producers as well as others will be the first to screen the film that is already beginning to get buzz.

"I'm proud of this story and the amazing actors that have agreed to join my on this venture.  I'm a fan of rich story telling which stirs emotions in the veiwer, and I believe more than anything I've written, Broken Strings does just that." He continues "I hope that those that watch the trailer wish to support this film and help us, with their contributions, to finance this movie".

To see trailer and learn more about BROKEN STRINGS visit;

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