Monday, March 18, 2013


Directed & Written by Stephen Spiegel, CityBall is a feature-length documentary showcasing a year in the life of student athletes in the Kansas City Missouri School District. Once the toast of Kansas City athletics, the Interscholastic League is now riddled with problems including budget cuts, below average facilities, coaching turn-over, and staffing shortages. The students themselves have to overcome daunting odds just to graduate from high school. Many live in very low-income surroundings, having to work multiple jobs to contribute to the household's well-being. Some are learning from the examples of older siblings that gang and drug-related activities can be destructive, and even deadly. This project explores the positive role of athletics in the precarious lives of these impressionable students. It also delves into the roles played by parents, coaches, and school administrators in the many decisions that influence the futures of young athletes in Kansas City.

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