Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jackson Family Celebrations during the Cannes Film Festival

Lifestyle Designer Richard Nilsson and International Club Prestige presents the Jackson Family Celebrations in collaboration with the world exclusive club - during the Cannes Film Festival from May 15th through May 26th, 2013. The Jackson Family Foundation Celebrations will be making a huge impact on the Cannes Film Festival Week during ten fantastic nights.
Some of the international artists and superstars that will be present are the Sl Queen from New Orleans - Nicole Slack Jones, The King of World Music and Grammy Award winner - Wes Madiko, DJ Psiertje, Sidney B and musical performer Fran Jackson from the Forever King Of Pop.
The parties will be replete with fashion shows, great music and live entertainment! These nights will feature several guest stars, family members, celebrities and managers who will celebrate the fantastic moments with the fans.

The Official Jackson Family Global Partner, Richard Nilsson, shared with us: "This year, we have one of the strongest musical lineups during the Cannes Film Festival. We are welcoming all of the Jackson Family fans to Cannes."
The parties and events will be held at both the Official Jackson Beach Club on the Croisette in Cannes and at the Official Jackson Family Mansion - Villa Oxygene.

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