Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jo'nez Cain stars in her own movie marathon

Jo'nez Cain is an actress on The Grind. Chronicling her story with a FB Live series of the same name, she's made a career for herself on the San Francisco Bay Area independent film circuit. A woman of faith, Jo'nez is blessed to have acted in major films (Fruitvale Station, I'm In Love With A Church Girl), television (Cover, Wives With Knives, Sex Sent Me to the Slammer), and several films that are now available via digital streaming with Hulu.

New to Hulu, Watch Phoenix Rise is the story of Phoenix. "Phoenix is just another "pretty face" in the hood until she decides to become an urban model. Jonez plays Phoenix's fast and street-wise cousin, Sasha who attempts to lead Phoenix into the wrong profession. Says Cain of the character Sasha, "She's everything I'm not." Watch Phoenix Rise on Hulu now:

Watch Phoenix Rise can also be purchased at Walmart stores with Jo'nez's other films, The Shop (BlackFloor Productions)Basketball 3:16 (Pharoah Films), Straight Outta Oakland (Touch The Heart Productions), and Hunting Season (History In The Making Films).

Jo'nez Cain is currently filming a television pilot, new episodes on Discovery ID, and has secured a part in an upcoming movie. Follow her on Facebook using the moniker @JonezCaintheEntertainer ( to see what she's up to next!

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