Monday, April 23, 2018

Shudan Wang: Hollywood's Newest Superhero or Supervillain?

Rumors and leaks tell us that there is more than one superhero TV series on the horizon.  Depending on who's sharing the "inside information," actress Shudan Wang is likely to play either a superhero or a supervillain or both. Considering her remarkable martial arts and weapons expertise combined with her outstanding acting ability, it's not at all surprising that she stays at the "top of the list" to play such diverse roles.

We asked Ms. Wang if congratulations were in order.  "Congratulations are premature," she replied.  "I have yet to sign a contract and it may conflict with other projects."

"With other projects where you have already signed contracts?"
 we asked.  Shudan nodded her head "yes."

Tad Atkinson, Vice President of Cuban Lightning Enterprises, stepped forward.  "We want her in all four of our films," he announced with an almost child-like grin. "We intend to keep her busy for a while."  Mr. Atkinson was referring to the "Cuban Lightning: The Zipper" movie franchise.

"We're producing a series of feature films based on the real-life adventures of a fascinating career spy," Atkinson continued. "Shudan Wang is perfect for the role of the double-agent.  Let's face it; she makes the perfect spy.  A concert pianist since age five - an extremely competent and impressive martial artist and weapons master - an award-winner for dozens of disciplines as diverse as public speaking and fencing.  She speaks at least three languages fluently.  She's gorgeous and intriguing in real life and she can really 'turn it up' on screen."

"The President of our company, Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, is the real-life spy whose story we're telling in the quadriligy,"
 Mr. Atkinson added.  "He was a career spy for over fifty years and he's not easily impressed."

Dr. Marmol was so impressed with Shudan Wang, however, that he allegedly suggested to Tad Atkinson, "Maybe we should recruit her."  Atkinson raised an eyebrow, slowly shook his head and said, "Not a great idea."  Dr. Marmol, possessing an "interesting" sense of humor, reportedly responded with "Okay, we'll hire her for our films instead!"

Shudan Wang, coming soon to a theater near you.

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