Sunday, May 13, 2018

Canadian Star Jassen Charron Arrives in Hollywood

As a child actor, Jassen Charron quickly gained the respect and admiration of Canadian film producers and fans.  This incredibly talented young man was a "natural."  He possessed an unstoppable work ethic, an infectious enthusiasm, true rare professionalism, and wisdom way beyond his years.

From a young age, Jassen has been recognized and acknowledged for the value that he brings to feature film and television projects.  More than one producer has said that Jassen's participation "took the project to a whole new level."

Jassen Charron's extraordinary talent has resulted in numerous significant film and television roles for the handsome young man.  Jassen's exceptional acting and incredible focus on his work has allowed studios to make multi-million-dollar feature films such as "Gerry," a two-time award-winning film; and "When We Were Boys," a feature film that garnered three film award nominations

We had the opportunity to talk with Jassen Charron at a film producer lunch in Burbank, California.  We asked him if he had outgrown the Canadian market.  The look on his face clearly read, "Really?  You want to start out with a 'trick' question?"

He smiled.  "Actually, I have not turned my back on Canadian projects at all.  I'm grateful for every one of them and I'm sure I will do many more amazing projects for the Canadian market.  The only difference is that I have grown a lot as an actor.  I've simply branched out and Hollywood is now my new home base."

We reminded Jassen that several of the producers he worked with in Canada encouraged him to move to Hollywood and "share his talent with the world."  He smiled – almost grinned – as he stared at us waiting for the next question.

Although displaying facial hair for an upcoming movie, it was obvious to all there that Jassen has the ability to play young roles.  "How old are you, about fifteen?" asked one of the "don't identify me by name" producers.  Jassen responded with, "No, I'm actually an adult – but I can certainly play fifteen."

"Ah, youth market!  We need to talk,"
 responded the deliberately unnamed producer.

Two of those producers said they eagerly want Jassen Charron to star in their upcoming feature films.  "With Jassen Charron's truly extraordinary acting ability, our feature films will achieve incredible success."  Three other film deals have already been signed.

Jassen Charron, coming soon to a theater near you!

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