Thursday, December 2, 2010

‘Burlesque’ has Old Musical Charm

If you can withstand the cliché beginning of ‘Burlesque’ following Ali (Christina Aguilera) from small town to big city you are in for a treat. A dark look into the behind the scenes lives of showgirls and stage performers. Cher is brilliant as ever. No…really, she’s incredible. She is the musical maven of this fantasy land which houses over choreographed dance numbers and an unrealistic Sunset Strip. This world may be fantasy, it is, however, a fantasy world I loved visiting. The best part of this film, in my opinion is the impeccable Stanley Tucci. He amazingly steals the scenes from legendary divas. I suggest smuggling in a bottle of champagne, finding a reclining chair and enjoying the musical take place in front of you.

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