Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The woods in Marion, NY have been home to the cast and crew of the new feature film "Awake in the Woods", a new collaboration starring and between the minds of M.M. Mayhem Films, Award Winning actor Keith Collins, Award Winning Producer Theresa Galeani & Award Winning Filmmaker Nicholas Boise. This small farming community has been witnessing things a little out of the ordinary. Blood, body parts, and frozen animals cover much of the filming location and the actors are not shocked by the action happening on set. Locals have been creeped out just by driving by, most fear going near them while some swear by the story and believe the legend of the Marion woods. This movie, even during daylight shoots, has gotten everyone talking about the things that go 'bump' in the day time as well as at night.

"Awake in the Woods" tells the story of small town friends Ronnie (Galeani), Derek (Collins), and Tucker (Boise) growing up hearing stories of odd happenings, hunter's reporting strange occurrences, parents warning their children not to go too far into the woods. But when 7 year-old Madelaine (Madelaine Kemp) does not heed her parents warning and goes missing in the woods these three friends search for the truth. Set out to document their findings, what happened to them is unexplainable. Only one of them was left wandering, alone, awake in the woods.


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