Monday, April 16, 2012

INBF Mr. America Championships April 28th 2012

Bodybuilding Promoter Bob Bonham
Brings Drug Testing To Sport
INBF Mr. America Championships
Since 1939
April 28th, 2012
Pro Qualifier Drug Free Mr. America Will be held here! Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus, New Jersey 10am Prejudging
5pm Night Show Men’s and Women’s in different categories All Natural! The Mr. America show on April 28th,2012 will have drug testing for Men’s and Women’s in all categories such as:
Men’s and Women Bodybuilding
Men: Open Teen, Novice
Masters: 40-70 Age range
Men’s Physique
Women: Open, Masters, Novice
Figure Novice, Masters, Open
Best Body ( Bikini )

Bob Bonham believes in the movement of drug testing in various competitions for performance enhancing competitions which includes anabolic steroids, insulin, diuretics, Human Growth Hormones. It is important for the bodybuilder to meet the requirements of the sanction they are competing in and at that point they are considered natural.

Bob Bonham started the Strong and Shapely Gym with only $ 6,000.00 and a huge dream. The Gym started off with 2,500 feet and today it is 25,000 feet. He built this Gym piece by piece and now it is filled with weights and etc. No aerobics, No fancy stuff. It is a real gym. Bob wants to keep it that way to keep the gym environment with great progression

Strong And Shapely Gym
150 Union Avenue
East Rutherford, NJ

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