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Hilarious Films - "The Coffee Klash" "The Out-Sider" & "Coffee and a Bite" Hit the Festival Circuit

Mattioli Productions, known for serving the LGBTQ community with groundbreaking work in movie production is run by the driven and passionate Jana (AJ) Mattioli (recently honored in the Advocate as “40 People Under 40 to Look Out For.”) We have been following Mattioli Productions and this is what they are up to.

Not new to the festival circuit, Mattioli Productions was recently awarded for producing the “Best Comedy Short” at The Downbeach Film Festival in Atlantic City for the hysterical film, Bidentity Crisis. The film also brought home an award for Best Actor in a Short for Keith Collins and nominated for two additional awards; Best Actress in a comedy short (Elissa Goldstein) and Best Director (Jana AJ Mattioli) in a comedy short.

Three more fabulous shorts from the same creative team are coming to the following festivals this June:

The Coffee Klash is playing at the Out Connecticut Gay and Lesbian 25 Annual Film Festival on June 3rd.

Stephanie’s mother Gayle (Blanche Baker, Emmy Award Winner, Sixteen Candles) is anything but laid-back. Though she loves her daughter, she often expresses it the only way she knows how-by completely micromanaging her life. Which is why this particular afternoon at the coffee shop might be tricky. After all, Stephanie has brought her mother here not only to tell her she’s a lesbian, but to introduce Gayle to her new girlfriend, Mary Ann. It quickly becomes apparent that Gayle’s problem isn’t really with her daughter being a lesbian…she just wishes she were a slightly more interesting one!

The OUT-SIDER is playing at the Hoboken International Film Festival on June 2nd at 4pm.

Suzie meets an old college friend Alexa at a coffee shop, which is the hot spot for the local gay community. Alexa comes from the Midwest where there is no “gay community,” at least none that she is aware of. Suzie has given up on men since college where she was roommates with Alexa, so she isn’t exactly sure of how to break the news that she now dates women to her longtime friend. Suzie and Alexa engage in an unintended educational dialogue as Suzie hopes to reveal her sexuality along with the help of her gay brother (Keith Collins, Awake in the Woods). Alexa keeps Suzie from getting to the point because she steers the conversation from naivety about the gay community. In the epicenter for the gay community, clearly Alexa is an outsider.

Coffee and a Bite is playing at the Hoboken International Film Festival on June 2nd at 10pm.

Jonathan, Lydia (Rachel Lorin Filsoof, The Next Big Thing), and Vlad aren't typical guests of The Cup. They have been living as "vampires." When Jonathan approaches a man Lydia is warming up to, Vlad is appalled not only that Jonathan would steal Lydia's "food," but that he would pursue another man! The gay waiter must endure fake foreign accents, corny jokes, and becomes the subject of a bet leading to mistaken identities of the most awkward kind.

Jana (AJ) Mattioli’s directorial film debut of An Affirmative Act starring multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees, had a very successful national theatrical release in 2011 and is now making an encore performance at The Hoboken Film Festival on June 2nd at 10pm (showing in conjunction with Coffee and a Bite.) The films stars Elissa Goldstein, Eric Etebari, Charles Durning, Blanche Baker, Randy Jones, and Jackie Martling.

The Feature, An Affirmative Act is playing at the Hoboken International Film Festival on June 2nd at 10pm.

A lesbian couple (Elissa Goldstein and Candice Holdorf) are charged with fraud for marrying under the false pretenses of being a heterosexual couple-but they only did so in order to adopt a child and obtain equal rights. Defended by a charismatic heterosexual attorney (Eric Etebari) and fought by a governor (Justin Deas) seeking to protect his anti-gay marriage bill, the couple is quickly caught up in a massive media storm and courtroom battle.

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The Coffee Shop was a collaborative writing project executed by the talented Zach Rothman-Hicks, Talia Gonzalaz, Bisanne Masoud, Kelly Feustel, Sean Connelly, Robert Borneman, Blanche Baker and Elissa Goldstein.

Executive Producers include Harrington Talents, Robert and Joyce Borneman, Greg Jackson, Steve Wolf and Dreamcatcher Entertainment.

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