Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Downbeach Film Festival Atlantic City Cinefest Award Winners


Best Sci Fi Feature: Insight

Best Sci Fi Short: Odessa

Best Short Drama NJ: The Devil and Red Wine

Best Short Drama: The Loss

Best Short Comedy NJ: A Leg Up

Best Short Comedy SJ: Ghost Light

Best Short Comedy: Cherchez La Femme

Best Short Drama SJ: The Spe@k Project

Best Feature Drama NJ: The Starks Coalition

Best Feature Drama: The Honour

Best Feature Drama SJ: Jersey Justice

Best Feature Comedy: Little Bi Peep

Best Documentary Feature, NJ: Remote Area Medical

Best Documentary Feature: Troupers

Best Musical Documentary: Unforgettable Fire

Best Documentary Feature, Foreign-Based: La Mia Strada

Best Documentary Short, Sandy: Life After Sandy

Best Documentary Short, NJ: Keep Punching

Best Documentary Short: From Batey to Baseball: The Amaury Telemaco Story

Best Director Documentary Feature: On Your Mark, Get Set, MOW!

Best Director Documentary Short: Unforgettable Fire

Best Writing Short: Susan Hippen, The Organizer

Best Writing Feature: Merik Tadros, Behind the Horror

Best Actress Short Drama: Emma Rae Johnson, The Painted Girl

Best Actress Short Comedy: Alexa Ditaranto, The Family Business

Best Ensemble: The Spe@k Project

Best Animation: Soccer Dad

Best Actor Short Comedy: Bruce Curless, Ghost Light

Best Actor Short Comedy: R.J. Lewis, Beyond Belief

Best Actor Short Drama: Jonny Lee, Distant Places

Best Director Short Comedy: Kent Green, Ernie Rockelman, Ghost Light

Best Director Short Drama: Robert Haines, A Christmas to Remember

Best Ultra Short Drama: Appearances

Best Ultra Short Comedy: Say Something

Best Director Feature Drama: Harris Haith, The Starks Coalition

Best Director Feature Drama, NJ: Tony Picciotti, The Honour

Best Director Feature Comedy: Jon Russell Cring, Anna Shields, Little Bi Peep

Best Actress Feature Comedy: Anna Shields, Little Bi Peep

Best Supporting Actress Feature Comedy: Leigh Strimbeck, Little Bi Peep*

Best Actor Feature Drama: Harris Haith, The Starks Coalition

Best Actor Feature Drama, NJ: Keith Collins, Gravedigger

Best Actress Feature Drama: Blanche Baker, Jersey Justice

Best Actress Feature Drama, NJ: Daria Berenato, The Honour

Best Thriller Feature: The Ascent

Best Thriller Feature, NJ: Gravedigger

Best Supporting Actor Feature Drama: Dan Sheynin, The Honour

Best Supporting Actress Feature: Eve Lora, The Starks Coalition

Best Horror: The Jersey Devil

Best Comedy Horror Short: Ghost Light

Best Comedy Horror Feature: Behind the Horror

Best Actor Horror Film: Dan Myers, Behind the Horror.

Best Actress Horror Film: Caitlin Fletcher, Jersey Devil

Newcomer Award: Josh Green and Sam Katz, Insight

Special Projects: Sex Abuse on College Campus

Best Canadian Film: Un Fils

Best Romance Short: Bursting the Bubble

Best Foreign Film: Varanas

Best Horror Short: Nightingale

Best Mystery: Credence

Most Inspirational Film: Driving Blind

LIFE SAVER AWARD: Dominique Swain

FOUNDER AWARD: Barbara Berman

FOUNDER AWARD: Joelle Sokolic

FOUNDER AWARD: Nichole Kilpatrick

Short Script Winners

1. Tyrannosaurus Sex - Ron Podell

2. Wish You Were Here - Austin Kase

3. Soup Kitchen - Gregory Graham

Feature Script Winners

1. Scarlett Sunshine - Faith Brody Patane

2. Identical Opposites - Kevin Howard

3. Time and Space - Steven Prowse

3. The Plumber - Jeffrey Ryback

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