Monday, February 15, 2016

Hollywood and China come together to produce the Chinese version of "Avatar" called "Before Earth" (天地前传)

Chinese culture, one of the world's oldest and most documented cultures dating back thousands of years, has become the center of attraction worldwide for a country that has seen explosive rates of development in economic and political influence. Naturally, such impressive growth has catapulted the Chinese movie market to become the second largest in the world. Looking to leverage this new-found presence, Hollywood and China come together for a joint movie project helmed by the Chinese movie producer Mr. Huang Heng-tai (黄恒泰) who is a syndicated author of "Before Earth" (天地前传).

The movie to be produced in solidarity is aptly titled like the novel it is based on, and the Chinese media drew strong resemblance to the Hollywood film "Avatar" for its grand Chinese mythological setting and top-of-the-line visual effects that are to be orchestrated by China's best 3D-VFX specialists. Mr. Huang himself is an expert in Chinese mythology, a CGI specialist, and a member of the International Management Organization, China Artist's Association, and the Chinese Script Writer Organization. Prior to making contact with key members from the Hollywood film industry, Mr. Huang had attended Chinese National Congressional meetings as well as the China People's Great Hall meetings to facilitate the project that had its sights on further exposing the Chinese culture.

Responding to his rallying call was Hollywood movie executive producer Mr. Don Cho of 'Hollywood Tribute', a representative of the Hollywood movie industry, whose meeting with the novelist and script writer on January 24th, 2016 resulted in the proposed collaboration with Academy Awards winning directors such as Scott Ross, James Cameron, and Paul Pastorelli and producers from movies Titanic, Spider-man, Terminator, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Mr. Don Cho plans to set up a Hollywood inspired visual effects studio with Chinese movie directors and producers appointed by Mr. Huang for this project.

With the movie release being tentatively set for next year, or 2017, the partnership of this collaboration and joint effort between Hollywood and China will be made official this spring. The official unveiling of this project in the U.S. will be made at the Celebrity Centre International, Hollywood, California on March 5th, 2016, amongst an audience of hundreds of Hollywood movie directors, producers, actors, and U.S. dignitaries. The movie will be released in many different languages, starting with Chinese and English, with the distribution to be handled by Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, or other major distribution partners. With many of the best Chinese actors and the instantly recognizable Hollywood actor Billy Zane from Titanic fame already onboard, the movie is expected to become another historic milestone in the film industry.

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