Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jim O'Hare joins cast of soon to be released Filrm "Forgetting Sandy Glass"

Jim O'Hare joins cast of soon to be released Filrm "Forgetting Sandy Glass"

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Jim O’Hare is an improv trained actor originally from Swampscott Massachusetts, whose work has mostly been in voiceover and commercials, except as a recent opportunity playing the “undead” in Greg Olliver’s suspense thrilled “Devoured”.

Tell us about your character:

As a teenager, I worked many typical young person jobs, and was often given a bit of responsibility, so it was great fun to play a boss who manages mostly teen employees. Watching Jamie and Victoria approach their work as actors was interesting, because I didn’t start to work until I was a bit older, and just seeing them jump in and basically play characters not unlike themselves, yet make it real for the film was so much fun. For some reason, mouthy bad-ass types seem to find me, and playing a guy like Mr. Curry who has a lot on his plate was a fun challenge.

Experience working on the film:

I’m proud seeing a young guy like Jamie just throw himself into his first-time writing/producing project as well as focusing on playing one of the lead roles, and would love to cross paths with any of the “Sandy Glass” gang on another project.

Upcoming projects:

I have a fun role in the upcoming “The History of Love” directed by respected director Radu Mihaeleanu with Gemma Arterton, and Derek Jacoby, and always up for the next fun adventure in film or tv.

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