Monday, July 3, 2017

Lone Hunter is Film Shortage's Pick of The Day

Best short film at Milledgeville Film Festival, "Lone Hunter" was awarded Film Pick of the Day by Film Shortage. "Lone Hunter" is "excellent suspense" and "a film that takes an interesting and unexpected turn," says the well-known online curator of short films. Starting today "Lone Hunter" will be available on Vimeo.

Lone Hunter is a dramatic social thriller that touches upon ultra-current topics of racism and gun violence, in a strikingly stark and intense way.

Its filmmakers hope that Lone Hunter will spark many conversations about these important topics. "We had no idea when we produced this film that current events would thrust these uncomfortable issues to the forefront of American zeitgeist, sparking a debate that is yet to be resolved," said producer John Heinsen.

Based on actual events, Lone Hunter follows Lee, played by Tom Choi (Teen Wolf), a down on his luck Asian American who tries to escape his reality by going hunting. His day quickly spirals downward when he discovers his truck to be vandalized with racist graffiti and is then confronted by a group of Caucasian American hunters, whose racist taunts lead him to snap.

"As a filmmaker I was initially drawn to the unusual turn in this polarizing story that doesn't follow traditional expectations," said director Pascal Leister. "I am particularly proud of how the lead actors portrayed the extremely devastating subject matter in such nuanced and layered performances."

Frustrated with the lack of representation of Asian Americans in film and television and particularly with the lack of depth of most roles available, Tom Choi decided to take matters into his own hands. "Writing the screenplay and playing Lee gave me a chance to portray a non-stereotypical, complex Asian American character that doesn't fit the model minority cliché," said Choi.

Lone Hunter features a cast of well-known film and television actors including Tom Choi (Teen Wolf, Mortal Kombat X), Colin Walker (Treme, Lee Daniel's The Butler), Alex Skuby (The King of Queens, The Fosters) and Timothy Davis (Billions).

Lone Hunter was produced in association with the Gun Violence Survivors Foundation (GVSF), a non-profit dedicated to supporting individuals affected by gun violence.

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