Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Flex Ya Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Blending sounds from hip-hop, trap, EDM and tropical island sounds give Marley Waters superpowers to create hits like "2 On" with Tinashe and "We Can" with Kranium & Tory Lanez. With what seems effortless, he's able to captivate listeners through crafting soundscapes from around the world. Marley released the music video to his newest single, "Flex Ya" - an uptempo, modern Dancehall track that infuses Island with Pop melodies that make listeners feel ready to hit some place warm during the coming holiday months.

View his video for the action packed collaboration with new music artist Morah Love here: Flex Ya Video.

The action filled short film is based on the motion picture "Oceans 8", incorporating enough thrill and plot twists to keep the viewers engaged as it showcases all of his talents onscreen. Multi-platinum producer and recording artist Marley Waters continues to push the envelope forward with his hypnotizing tracks deriving from his multi-cultural roots. This movie video release was directed by Marley Waters and Swagga Bob.

Marley Waters fires up action in his new sequel mini motion picture, "Flex Ya". Go to his Youtube to view his international masterpiece featuring Morah Love and find it where all music is streamed and sold. Follow his journey via Instagram: @Officialmarleywaters. For interviews and bookings please contact Circa 86 Music Group.

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