Saturday, October 6, 2018

Summer Hill Films accelerates the North American DVD and VOD release of the commuter drama, Gridlock!

Film tells the story of David Martin, rage filled, and trampled by life, he drives through a series of phone calls which crush him further into a confined space.

The film stars the actor, writer and producer, Jeff Houkal who is most known for Fox TV's 'Lethal Weapon' (2016), 'Life in Pieces' (2017) and `General Hospital' (2018). Houkel's company, Violet State Productions, made the film and has also recently released the film, Edge of Isolation, through IndieRights.

The film also stars, Brighid Fleming, known as Heather in the television series 'Dog with a Blog' (2014-2015) and `Labor Day' (2013). Wolfgang Bodison is best remembered for his performance as Lance Corporal Harold Dawson in `A Few Good Men' (1992) and in the thriller `Cyber Case' (2015). Laura Coover is known for `Another Happy Day' (2011), `Agent Carter' (2015) and `The Playboy Club' (2011).

Directed by, Daniel Imperiale. He worked as a cinematographer on a slew of projects and has written and directed a half dozen of short films of his own, including as Iris, Bonbonniere '71 and Angrez. Gridlock is Daniel's feature directorial debut.

"We are very excited to release this unique film," says Summer Hill Films President, Ted Chalmers, "Anyone who has suffered the L.A. freeways will relate to this nightmare."

"Gridlock is a unique film experience that requires a special audience," says Jeff Houkal, "Summer Hill is the right team to help us find that audience.  We are very excited!"

'Gridlock,' is now available in North America on DVD with VOD from Amazon, Google Play, and Xbox coming soon. It will also be available on Amazon UK and internationally licensed through Summer Hill Entertainment which attends all the major film sales markets including EFM, Marché du Film, AFM and Hong Kong Filmart!

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