Thursday, July 10, 2014

“DEADLY REVISIONS” unveils creepy new poster

The ink has just dried on the new official poster for writer/director Gregory Blair’s “DEADLY REVISIONS”—the much anticipated slow burn psychological thriller and valentine to the horror genre from PIX/SEE Productions.

The new poster, created by designer Susan Bowen, reveals the cabin in the woods where, with the help of a hypnotherapist, the film’s unreliable narrator tries to piece together missing memories. But the cabin and surrounding woods prove more foe than friend, as shapes and shadows hide unseen terrors just waiting to leap out. Even the lettering of the title, with a hint of dripping blood, suggests looming danger.

“The new poster perfectly tells you everything you need to know about the film,” Blair has said. “You know immediately where the bulk of the story takes place, you know the mood is dark and creepy, and you know something, somewhere will take a sanguine turn.”

Emmy Award winning horror movie favorite Bill Oberst, Jr. plays Grafton Torn—the amnesiac horror film writer for whom hypnotherapy and nightmares reveal terrifying images that just can’t be real. Or can they? Blair’s film has already garnered him an EOTM Award for “Best Director of an Indie Horror Film” and critics are raving, callingthe film “Amazing” (Chris Mackey, GuestStars Blog), "Visionary"(A Bucket of Corn) and “Mind Blowing” (Char Hardin, Charred Remains Blogpost).

The film has already been accepted to the premiere FANtastic Horror Film Festival which takes place this Halloween weekend. More festivals will be announced in the future.

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