Monday, July 28, 2014

Outspoken Sober Coach Gets Facelift

JT Morgan: The Bad Ass Sober Coach, is used to helping people make changes, and big ones. The sober coach, based out of New York, works with high profile and often high net worth individuals that struggle with drugs and alcohol. ( ( From professional athletes to musicians and stock brokers, JT has just about seen it all.

"I love working with people and helping them to experience the freedom of recovery. There's nothing like it" says the sober coach.

Recently, it is changes he has been making himself, that are getting the attention. JT just launched a new brand, new website and expanded social media presence. The sober coach had formerly been known as the "Bad Ass Sober Companion". The shift in name to sober coach has to do with the changing times.

"More people are searching for sober coaches than for sober companions, and I want people who need me to find me", says JT.

The company just launched a brand new website, with expanded blog section, detailed information about the sober transport and in home recovery services offered, as well as more of the outlandish videos JT has become known for.

For more information about JT and The Bad Ass Sober Companion, visit the website,

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