Friday, February 10, 2017

Last 'QUEST TRILOGY' Director Announced

CDI has created a reputation for staying on schedule, budget and providing film content with a high artistic touch. There has been much speculation about who the third director will be following Jesse Low (Forty Nights) that enjoyed a limited release in 2016 and will see a wide release on 4/4/17 under a new deal with Bridgestone Multimedia Group. The second film directed by Bret Miller (Chasing the Star) will start limited theatrical play in May 2017 followed by a wide September release to home video. The third film entitled "The Christ Slayer" is slated to release in early 2018 with BMG.

"We believe that this project (The Christ Slayer), together with the other two films in this three-film series, will be broadly accepted in both the faith-based and general markets, and will generate significant revenues on the world market for many years to come." – David Austin, SVP BMG

After a lengthy search it was decided that "The Christ Slayer," director will be Nathaniel Nose. He's the son of a Baptist minister, currently living in Michigan after several years in Los Angeles. He began making films as a child winning the East Lansing Children's Film Festival at 15. He studied classical theatre, opera and ballet at Michigan State University, where Nose wrote, edited and directed four feature films, one for each year, while an undergraduate student. His films in various genres landed distribution deals with studios such as Lionsgate.

"I've worked with Nathaniel on both sides of the camera and his full understanding of the script and his skill set - shot him to the top of our list."

– DJ Perry, writer/producer

The film is in development and plans to move into active pre-production in Feb. 2017.

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