Monday, February 20, 2017

Teaser Released for Indie Sci-fi Feature Paramnesia

The first teaser for the independent feature Paramnesia was released on Friday and can be seen at a feature length science fiction thriller about loss, invention, and obsession. The narrative centers around Cal Elliot, an inventor who, after losing his wife, builds a machine that will allow him to live with her inside his memories. This comes with a cost, however, and Cal soon realizes that living in the past isn't all that he hoped it would be. The project's release date is currently to be determined.

Paramnesia is the directorial debut of cinematographer Tripp Green, whose recent work includes lensing the Eric Roberts feature Unbridled, and the country music film Strings, starring Jason Michael Carrol. It is also the debut project of Green's Raleigh based production company Vertus Media.

Shot for under $10,000, and entirely improvised from an outline, the film sought to explore non-standard modes of production, both in front and behind the camera. Thanks to the help of many industry professionals and local businesses, the production value seen in the teaser leagues beyond the typical micro-budget indie.

More information can be found at: - EPK can be found under Press (user:press, pass:vertusepk)

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