Friday, February 17, 2017

Lili's miracle - A sign language short film

ili's miracle, a sign language short film about three young deaf women who work in a cocoa farm in a remote beach. Lili's miracle is a story about the fear to the unknow but also it's a story about accepting yourself the way you are.

Lili, Soledad and Ofelia are three young deaf women, who live in La Casona, a cocoa farm located in a lost bay on the coasts of Venezuela that can only be reached by boat. The communication between the girls and Augusto; The farm owner; Is a constant uncertainty. He does not know how to speak in sign language and they don't know how to read or write. In spite of this, the young women take care of all the domestic work in the Casona.

One day an accident happened in the cocoa farm and Augusto is forced to look for help in the nearest town. He meets Margarita, a hypoacusic photographer, an expert in sign language who thanks to a cochlear implant can speak and listen perfectly. She will have the difficult task of teaching each one of the girls to communicate through the Venezuelan sign language.

However, the arrival of Margarita will encourage Lili, Soledad and Ofelia to start a revolution that will break with the orthodox rules of Augusto. The Girls will have to decide if they stay on the farm under Augusto's rules or go out and discover what's beyond the sea.

Fernando Moreno (Director), Photographer and film student at the School of Audiovisual Media of the University of Los Andes. Fernando says "My intention with our film is to create awareness about the deaf culture so that the listeners learn to speak more with our hands and less with our mouth. That way we can realize that as much as we worry about learning another language, we can learn sign language too. And the same way try to speak with any foreigner, we take the time and effort to speak with our deaf brothers. Because deafness is not an inability but a lifestyle. And if they are able to overcome all their fears despite their lifestyle, why can't we be able to overcome ours?"

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