Wednesday, March 29, 2017

'Chasing The Star' Releases First Official Poster Art

"Chasing the Star" is directed by Michigan State University graduate Bret Miller. The follow up story reflects back on the story of the magi (Garry Nation, Randy Spence, Bello Pizzimenti) who set out to follow the star that appears in the sky and seek the newborn Messiah. Their efforts are hampered by King Herod (Ralph Lister) and his sister Salome (Yancy Butler).

The first film in the trilogy "Forty Nights" enjoyed a Wal-Mart release in 2016 and is now set for a wide home video release. The film has been remastered and will release with Bridgestone Multimedia Group in early April just in time for Easter audiences. This film directed by Jesse Low follows the wilderness trek by Jesus (DJ Perry) into the desert for 40 nights.

"Chasing the Star" will enjoy a limited theatrical starting in May and will release nationally in September targeting the Christmas 2017 audience. CDI has just released a theatrical poster designed and created by Bad Trip Designs and was edited by Alexandra Cross.

"This design represents the style of the film very well, and I could not be happier with how it turned out." – Bret Miller, director

The trailer was released a few months earlier and can be seen here.

Chasing the Star trailer

Official Website

All three film screenplays were written by DJ Perry who will reprise his role of Jesus in the third and final film in the trilogy "The Christ Slayer" shooting in March 2017 and will release on the lead up to Easter 2018. The film is being directed by Nathaniel Nose.

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