Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Face In The Wall (Official Movie Trailer) NEW SCI-FI THRILLER SUSPENSE Directed By Dwayne Buckle

Calvin Jessup (Frantz Lecoeur) is a freelance videographer

working on a low budget video production with director

Bruce Leiderman (Mark C. Fullhardt) and sound man Jimmy

DiCarlo (Jonah Ehrenreich), but when he sees a mysterious

face in a wall of an old location that only him and a few

of his friends can see, things start to get a little weird. Is it a

ghost, a spirit or a lost soul, is there paranormal activity

within their midst? Find out in The Face In The Wall.

The Face In The Wall is a new science fiction thriller from

360 Sound and Vision.

360 Sound and Vision produces quality independent films in

the the Action, Fantasy, Thriller & Science Fiction genres (with

Experimental Films and Documentaries too)!

The Face in The Wall is set in a modern day New York City,

amongst the backdrop of a bustling urban atmosphere and towering

skyscrapers, but past the city's vibrant

exterior lies unanswered mysteries that no one can see,

something so profound that it can change our understanding

of what human life is about and the meaning of our

place in the universe. Are there invisible entities around us?

Scientists look at specimens in a Petri dish, but could it be

that we are also the bacterium being observed by a larger

force? Those questions and more

will be answered in this electrifying new science fiction film,

from writer & director Dwayne Buckle (The Minority, Cybornetics)

The official movie trailer for The Face In The Wall is now availble on Youtube and other online video platforms.

The Face In The Wall will be released in July on DVD, VOD & Blu-Ray

Only one man and a few of his friends can see a mysterious face in the wall.

Starring: Frantz Lecoeur, Jonah Ehrenreich, Victoria Guthrie, Amiya Steed & Mark C. Fullhardt.

Visual Effects By NYC Audio Video Post

Presented By 360 Sound and Vision Ltd.

[Official Website]



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