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2011 Down Beach Film Festival Presents Atlantic City Cinefest Official Selections

*Twist of Fate

Filmmaker: Conrad Glover and Pat Cerrato

Synopsis: Back in the day, Joey DeMarco was a killer for hire, but 15 years in prison can change a person. Joey wanted no more of his former life. His kid brother was a reckless small time hood who would one night go too far. It wouldn’t take the Irish mob long to catch up and deal harshly with Phillip. In a life of crime revenge is inevitable. Joey would single handedly hunt down take on the Irish Mob and nearly succeed. But now the hunter would be the hunted. His only hope was a lonely spinster, taken hostage by Joey in her own home.

Air We Breathe
Filmmaker: Andrew Ari Clibanoff
Cast: Barnaby Carpenter, London Vale, Nick Palatas, Stacey Bellew.
Length: 24:35
Genre: Family, Drama, Romance, Coming of Age , Independent
Synopsis: In this retro-style romantic drama shot desperately on location in a soaped up household full of co-dependent melodrama and bourbon, the live action short film Air We Breathe tells the story of John Foster who years after his writing career peaked is losing his grip on life, love and family when Dylan Avery, a 25-year old who upon the death of his father, comes searching out Foster to initiate a relationship. Shot entirely on one residential property in Ojai, California, this short story portrays the challenges that Foster has internally as well as how his relationship spirals downward with his girlfriend Joanna and her 20-something daughter Paige as they are all confronted with Foster's darkness even while they deal with their own emotional mother/daughter struggles.

*The Camera's Eye
Filmmaker: Wendy Shear
Cast: Olivia Aupperlee, Natalie Douglas, Kate Forsatz
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Synopsis: A young photojournalist survives the horrors of war only to begin her descent into madness after discovering her father's murderous past while taking care of her dying mother.

Filmmaker: Gabby Egitgo
Cast: Phil Miler, Stephen Bartlett
Length: 18:38
Genre: Thriller, Crime, Cult, Neo-noir, Magical Realism, Dramedy, Supernatural, Personal Narrative, Mystery
Synopsis: A private eye is hired by an arrogant advertising executive to investigate whether his partner is stealing from their ad agency. During the investigation, he discovers that his client is involved with drugs, sexual harassment and white collar corruption. From there, he decides to turn the tables, triggering unforeseen consequences.

Filmmaker: Cody Campanale
Cast: Cameron Rufelds
Length: 14:39
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Jason and Vanessa are two theatre school students who want to be famous actors. When they learn that only one of them will be awarded a prestigious acting apprenticeship, a competition for the professor's approval begins that forces them to reject their own morality and come to the realization that there can be no dignity in art .

*Pale Face
Filmmaker: Gilberto Batista
Cast: Gilberto Batista, Daniel Rodrigues
Length: 5:00
Genre: Short, Horror
Synopsis: Frank Bridges decides to take crime fighting into his own hands as Pale Face.

War Paint
Filmmaker: Marcus Liberski
Cast: Emily Seale-Jones, Daniel Cabello
Length: 14:12
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A young girl lives a tormented life as she is afraid of leaving her apartment. One day she finds out her neighbor has a similar problem. She takes an interest and discovers his secret, but in order to overcome her own fear of the outside, she might have to reveal her own secret.

Four of a Qind
Filmmaker: Angelo Campanile
Cast: Mariana Campos, Simone Gautschi, Yashia McGuire
Length: 6:00
Genre: Comedy, Western
Synopsis: Cheating at Texas Hold'Em can be deadly

*Fractured Minds
Filmmaker: Frank Battiston
Length: 30:00
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Nature, Road Trip, Mystery
Synopsis: A couple journeys into a road trip in search to save their marriage. As their problems resurface, a horrific evil creeps out from the darkness. It is now up to the couple to stay together and fight for their lives.

*Punch Me
Filmmaker: Robert X. Golphin
Cast: Robert X. Golphin, Elwood Idris Simon, Brian Anthony Wilson
Length: 14:00
Genre: Alternative, Drama, Romance, Coming of Age , Human Rights, Independent, Urban, Social Issue
Synopsis: With a romance on the rocks and a father on his sick bed, a young man must accept his true identity before he loses the two people he loves most.

Silk City
Filmmaker: David Simonetti
Cast: Catherine O. Garcia, David Simonetti
Length: 13:00
Genre: Family, Drama, Romance, Independent, Urban, Dramedy, Spiritual, Personal Narrative, Social Issue
Synopsis: Freddie Nolan loses his job. He's middle aged and out of options. He needs a new beginning. Today he'll find it with a little help. To go forward, he revisits his pasts as the memories of when things were simple overtake him.

Sixty in 60
Filmmaker: Ronnie Cramer
Cast: Andren Scott, Becky Van Lewen
Length: 1:00
GENRES:Alternative, Comedy, Educational, Underground, Erotic, Avant-garde, B-movie, Cult, Dance, Fantasy, Independent, Magical Realism, Post Modern, Road Trip, Spoof, Surreal, Mockumentary, Satire, Period/Historical, Reality, Culture, Art, Personal Narrative, Social Issue, Music
Synopsis: Sixty in 60 is an experimental art film featuring sixty one-minute works of many types. Genres represented include abstract, animation, documentary, experimental, narrative, stop-motion, time-lapse and video art.

Deconstructing Dad
Filmmaker: Stanley Warnow
Length: 1:40
Genre: Documentary, Musical
Synopsis: His filmmaker son probes the professional and private lives of his remote but fascinating father: bandleader, composer, inventor, and electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott. "Deconstructing Dad" tells about the life of iconic musician, Raymond Scott, who produced the music for Warner Brother's classic cartoons, directed the orchestra for TV's "Your Hit Parade," and developed the use of technology in music.

Hitting the Wall
Filmmaker: Jack Skyyler
Cast: Nick Marcucci, Vanessa Crane
Length: 1:06:35
Genre: Drama, Romance, Independent, Sport
Synopsis: Based on a true story, Hitting the Wall, is the story of an injured athlete and his struggle to recover and return to the track in hopes of qualifying for the U.S. Olympic track team. This film explores the concept of a purpose and pride in life.

*A Made Man
Filmmaker: Eric B. Fleischman
Cast: Nick Capone
Length: 6:00
Genre: Drama, Crime
Synopsis: When a young boy is offered an opportunity to become a member of the mob, he must discover if a life of crime is truly something he wants to be a part of. Once you are in, there is no escape.

The Fifth Door
Filmmaker: Tony Picciotti
Writer: Steve Rahter
Cast: Julie Zimmer, Morgan Kirner, Kyrstina Matos, Melanie Kettleberger, Tiele Pinich
Length: 75m
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Five young girls go to a sleep-over and decide they want to enter the world of dreams. All can enter but one must stay.

*Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story
Filmmaker: Steven Crowley
Cast: Rick Haymes
Length: 1:30:00
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Human Rights, Independent, Mockumentary, Reality, Social Issue, Biography
Synopsis: Andy Meyers, the subject of the film, has decided he wants to end his life in front of a camera for the world to see; much like his idol Bud Dwyer. His depression and array of ailments from his bout with diabetes have driven him to the edge. Andy recruited his counselor turned filmmaker to document the suicide and also the events of his final days. The hired crew decides, at the last minute, they cannot be part of Andy's suicide but instead try to talk him out of it. The director is left with no crew and a confused Andy. Does the film go on? Does Andy Meyers kill himself in front of the cameras?

Fallen Blue Heroes
Filmmaker: Donna Roman Hernandez
Cast: Donna Roman Hernandez
Length: 46:00
Genre: Drama, Reality, Docu-Drama, Social Issue
Synopsis: They ride for those who have died......
Annually each May police officers from all over the United States assemble as a 'Unity Tour' in New Jersey and bicycle to the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC during National Police Week to honor Police Officers killed in the line of duty who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of others. Thousands of domestic and international law enforcement Police Officers, survivor families, friends, colleagues, and supporters gather with these riders at the Memorial's marble walls where more than 17,500 Officer's named are inscribed to honor, respect and remembers these 'Fallen Blue Heroes'.

After the Denim
Filmmaker: Scott M. Rosenfelt, Gregory D. Goyins
Cast: Tom Bower, Ceren Alkac, Karen Landry
Length: 27:00
Genre: Family, Drama
Synopsis: "After the Denim" is the story of James Packer, a retired accountant and recovering alcoholic who transforms from a bristly, argumentative, resentful man stuck in the routines of his own preferences into a husband capable of compassion for others.

*Standing Silent
Filmmaker: Scott M. Rosenfelt
Length: 1:24:00
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: Wrtier Phil Jacobs of the Jewish Times, an orthodox Jew himself, must go against his own community's wishes as he uncovers and reports on a web of sexual abuse involving a well-liked orthodox rabbi, and his son, in the Baltimore Orthodox community.

Plight of the Earth Fairy
Filmmaker: Kim Sheridan
Writer: Kim Sheridan
Cast: Kim Sheridan, Jameth Sheridan
Length: 9:00
Genre: Alternative, Comedy, Microcinema, Fantasy, Independent, Environmental, Satire, Social Issue
Synopsis: Living in the shadow of the Tooth Fairy, the Earth Fairy has an identity crisis and seeks professional help.

Filmmaker: Benjamin Busch
Writer: Benjamin Busch
Cast: Robert Wisdom, Rich McDonald
Length: 40:00
Genre: Drama, Neo-noir, Independent, Art
Synopsis: A surprisingly contemplative drama centered on a blind man (Robert Wisdom) who must guide a quirky young man (Eric Nenninger) through a desperate fear. This carefully crafted film is rich with imagery, cryptic dialog, and a superb cast chosen from The Wire and Generation Kill to include Robert Wisdom, Eric Nenninger, Glynn Turman, Andre Royo, Marc Menchaca, David Barrera, Rich McDonald, and Benjamin Busch. BRIGHT pulls us into its world, demands our fascination, and keeps us in wonder. It is a truly artful experience.


Heat Wave
Filmmaker: Mirel Bran
Length: 1:00
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: A man in a car misses the main road and finds himself in a Romanian remote village. He asks some peasants the way to Bucharest. They disagree on the options. The debate turns violent. It is hot weather.

Hitchcock Reloaded
Filmmaker: Mirel Bran
Cast: Anaïs de Guilhem
Length: 1:00
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Synopsis: An actress wanted to play in Hitchcock's 'The Birds' but she didn't succeed. Since then she has been seeing birds everywhere

The Scream
Filmmaker: Mirel Bran
Cast: Marius Manole, Vitalie Bichir
Length: 1:52
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Two young men share their opinions about women. The elder praises his own experience with women but the youngest gives him a lesson.

My Cowboy
Filmmaker: Srikanth Appalaraju
Length: 2:25
Genre: Drama, Western, Musical, Silent
Synopsis: A feel good film with no language spoken and no subtitles, with light background music of about 2 minutes duration

Roommate Wanted
Filmmaker: Aubry Peters
Writers: April Valdez, Aubry Peters
Cast: Katy Humpert, Joshua Winegarner
Length: 3:00
Genre: Horror, Thriller, B-movie
Synopsis: Katy returns home to find that something is wrong with her roommate Ashley.

Without Wings
Filmmaker: Jo Meuris
Length: 3:40
Genre: Alternative, Family, Educational, Dance, Independent, Sport, Children Animation, Culture, Art, Spiritual, Music
Synopsis: Without Wings is a celebration of the human body in motion. The movements of dancers, traceurs, and acrobats are woven together in a symphony of animated figures that rejoices in the ability to defy gravity

Filmmaker: Stephanie Franz
Cast: Stephanie Franz
Length: 1:35
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: In this amusing animated short, Fluffle will win your heart in his relentless and inventive pursuit of a grape soda bottle cap.

The Director
Filmmaker: Destri Martino
Cast: Destri Martino
Length: 1:00
Genre: Comedy, Independent, Satire, Social Issue
Synopsis: One director attempts to make a statement. In a dress.

I Need You, Need Me
Filmmaker: Danyel Fortin
Cast: Danyel Fortin, Serain Fox-Carson
Length: 1:00
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Synopsis: After weeks of being alone in a post outbreak world, He is faced with a decision to cure his solitude or save his son.

Bliu the Whale
Filmmaker: Richard Liu
Cast: Michael Schwartz
Length: 3:52
Genre: Family, Drama, Independent, Children Animation
Synopsis: A man, named Sinclair, performs a puppet show, called Bliu the Whale, for children after his son's death.

Filmmaker: Ryan Lelache
Cast: Thomas Lelache
Length: 3:55
Genre: Drama, Horror, Supernatural
Synopsis: Exploring the wilderness with nothing but himself and his camera, a young man stumbles upon a series of objects scattered curiously throughout the forest. As he pursues each image, his eye trained and focused through the lens of his camera, he fails to see the larger scope of the forces at work around him, until he's too far in to get back out.

Oh Sister
Filmmaker: Susan Hippen
Cast: Arthur Anderson, Lynne Rogers
Length: 2:23
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Synopsis: Aidan and Claire regress sixty years in a sibling rivalry standoff.

Never Has Beenz
Filmmaker: Chris Mulkey
Cast: Chris Mulkey, Eddie Bodin, Karen Landry, Zach Book, J.T
Length: 20:00

*The Tailor
Filmmaker: Gordon Grinberg
Cast: Adam Lerman, James La Rosa, Mary Francina Golden
Length: 6:00
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Culture and confusion meet on a Brooklyn street.

Bidentity Crisis
Filmmaker: Jana Mattioli
Cast: Elissa Goldstein, Keith Collins, Edvin Ortega
Length: 12:00
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Phil says he is bisexual but his girlfriend Helen and the flamboyant waiter think otherwise.

The Secret Friend
Filmmaker: Flavio Alves
Cast: Viola Harris, Jerry Jaffe
Length: 15:28
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Independent, Dramedy, Social Issue, Mystery
Synopsis: A phone call can be a lifeline.

*Johnny's Gone
Filmmaker: Giorgio Serafini
Cast: Johnny Sinclair, LaDon Drummond
Length: 1:33:15
Genre: Drama, Crime, Road Trip
Synopsis: The unsettling but heartfelt relationship between Sarah and a two year-old she calls Johnny hides a dark secret.

Side Effect
Filmmaker: Owen Svelmoe
Cast: Brad Southerland, Jenna Willis
Length: 16:20
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Coming of Age , Dramedy, Supernatural, Adventure
Synopsis: Charlie is a high schooler who can't seem to do anything right. He's the loser of his school's baseball team and has no social skills with the girl he likes. But after receiving a blow to his head, he unlocks mysterious abilities that may change everything.

*Stuck in the Middle
Filmmaker: Joseph Pepitone, Carlos Duhaime
Cast: Stephen Fontana, Penelope Lagos, Keith Collins
Length: 1:28:00
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: A mail room slacker accidentally kills himself in a bizarre experiment and finds himself sentenced to Purgatory...working in the mail room. There, he falls for his beautiful manager and to win her heart he must stop a greedy real estate mogul from selling Purgatory and sending everyone to Hell.

Wise Guys
Filmmaker: Brian De Palma
Writer: George Gallo, Norman Steinberg
Cast: Danny DeVito, Joe Piscopo and Harvey Keitel
Length: 100m
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Harry Valentini and Moe Dickstein are both errand boys for the Mob. When they lose $250,000, they are set up to kill each other. But they run off to Atlantic City and comedy follows.

Exit Exam
Filmmaker: Tony Simonetti
Cast: Jessica Resnick, Mark Glasman
Length: 10:00
Genre: Alternative, Drama, Horror, Crime, Neo-noir, Human Rights, Independent, Culture, Social Issue
Synopsis: George Adams has been convicted for the murder of his assistant, but the court finds new evidence that may or may not set him free...

“Certain Adverse Events”
Filmmaker: Nancy Edwards
Length: 52:47
Genre: Family, Educational, Independent, Science, Social Issue, Health/Medical, News
Synopsis: Dangerous antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, have been destroying the lives of healthy people. For years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration turned a blind eye to this tragedy. Washington, D.C. consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen, successfully sued the FDA, in 2008, forcing stronger warnings on name brands like Cipro and Levaquin. How can 5 pills change one's life forever? Along with compelling insights from the titans at Public Citizen, 'Certain Adverse Events' emphasizes the human toll to the epidemic while showing little known aspects of the American prescription drug trade. Heartfelt interviews, like the ones from veteran United Airlines pilot, Greg Downs, a 'quinolone' victim, and from his close friend, 9/11 widow, Ellen Saracini, illustrate how these drugs 'can destroy a life for years and years.'

*Tension of Skin
Filmmaker: Stephen Krystek
Length: 12:04
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Love is not always affirming, fulfilling, or compassionate. When Michael (Mario Guzman) and Sharon (Davina Joy) come together, the mix is potent, brutal and bad. Fighting for possession of their feelings and each other, will they destroy themselves before they learn to read between the lines?

Mushroom Hunt
Filmmaker: Milena Pastreich
Cast: Alexandra Morgan
Length: 16:00
Genre: Family, Comedy
Synopsis: A mother forces her family to enjoy their yearly mushroom hunt.

Camp 139
Filmmaker: Ryan Polukord
Cast: Amanda Goscinski
Length: 18:27
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Surreal, Supernatural
Synopsis: Camp 139 is a short horror film written & directed by Ryan Polukord. The film features a group of girls who spend the night at an old campground in New Jersey. After setting up camp, they find a dead body a few miles from their site. While waiting for the police to arrive, night falls, and they are haunted by a vengeful spirit that won't let them escape.

Filmmaker: Stephen Gladstone
Cast: Laura Gilreath, Yanai Brown
Length: 11:13
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Children Live Action, B-movie, Cult
Synopsis: In order to win a scholarship to college and escape her hometown a cheerleader must survive the night babysitting a Zombie Child. \

World of Art
Filmmaker: Mike Allore
Cast: John Kampsen, Jonny Victor, Marisa Stober
Length: 29:45
Genre: Fantasy, Dramedy, Art
Synopsis: Arthur has not been a very inspired artist lately, and has no idea why. It takes being locked up in a jail cell with living famous art works where he finally discovers that he is more than just an artist, but art itself. He has been letting the world of art down, and now must confront what has been preventing him from reaching his full potential to make the world of art strong again.

Dynamite Swine
Filmmaker: Mark Poisella
Cast: Ed Flanagan, Kyle Bornheimer, Lily Asinovsky, Matt Leuthe, Roosevelt Larks, Stephen Millunzi
Length: 01:12:00
Genre: Comedy, B-movie, Independent, Dramedy
Synopsis: While attempting to save his girlfriend’s “hair salon for the homeless,” a run-n-gun gambler falls $10K in the hole to a sadistic Russian quadriplegic thug and must enter the biggest card tourney of his life in order to save the salon, his ass, his brother’s ass and the life of a pig named Porky!

Controlled Burn
Filmmaker: Dan Van Wert
Cast: Dan Kern, Nancy Boykin
Length: 21:25
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: When Olivia Browning's husband, Hugh, is ravaged by Alzheimer's Disease, she must make a decisive choice to determine his future, as she attempts to reconstruct the past.

*Candy’s Room
Synopsis: An experimental art form film that features a young talented cast. Candy, is an unstable emotionally disturbed girl who exhibits charm and malice equally in her surrealistic world of an absent mother and ghostly father and her violent obsession with her cheating boyfriend.

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