Friday, August 16, 2013


2013’s Newest Comedy currently filming titled “Ball Boy” sounds like a comedy rollercoaster not to be missed. We give it our comedy movie spotlight here on the Daily Film Forum. Check out the info, poster and cast below.

London Bell who shames his family, which contains a long line of legendary ballboys, when he gets banned from baseball for life for objectionable behavior. Down in the dumps, London's friends, Roman and Dublin, convince London to try out for Women's Tennis Federation despite London's objections about tennis not being a team sport. The WTF is run by a wacky Orthodox Jewish Rabbi known as the Lubavitcher, who is assisted by the devious and scheming Mordechai. At the tryouts, London goes up against a more athletic competition, with the exception of one mentally challenged ballboy hopeful. The tryouts feature duels, where ballboys go one on one and race for balls, as two guest players, the sexy champion Vlada and the no-nonsense number two contender Bella, smack volleys against each other. London ends up losing most of these duels and trudges back to his favorite dive bar, the OZbar. The one saving grace for London: He may have caught the attention of Bella. The OZbar also happens to be the place of choice for a celebration for the Ballboys who won jobs. The obnoxious and steroid-inclined ballboy, Sebastian, ridicules London for thinking he could win a job in tennis just because he was a famous baseball ballboy. London, humiliated, gets a surprise visit from Coach Sven, the coach of the number one player Vlada… You can guess what happens… And no, London does not end up as a Ballboy for Coach Sven.

“Ball Boy” Starring:: former Dell computer commercial “dude” Ben Curtis ("We Are The Hartmans"), award winning actor Keith Collins ("Stuck in the Middle”, “The Meat Puppet”, “Gravedigger"), Roman Itkin ("Big Brother"), Matthew F. O'Connor ("Boardwalk Empire"), Guillermo Heredia (“The Search For Mr. F”, “The Valley Of Death”), Myles MacVane (“Bloodborne”), Jordan Scott Gilbert (“Showbiz Talk”). A So Real? Entertainment production, Produced by Eric Vargas, Jim Pesoli. Co-Produced by Jay Boccio. Written & Directed by Dave Broitman & Co-Writer Jay Boccio.

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