Thursday, August 8, 2013

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE Official Movie Release Party at NYC's XVI Rooftop Retro Sunset Happy Hour

                      (Jack Mulcahy, Penelope Lagos & Keith Collins)

         (Joseph Pepitone, Jeff Quinlan, Brandon Ruckdashel, Keith Collins, Doug Bollinger)

  (Joseph Pepitone, Jeff Quinlan, Keith Collins, Steve Mack, Doug Bollinger, Brandon Ruckdashel)

(Jack Mulcahy, Penelope Lagos, Evonne Walton, Cash Tilton, Keith Collins, Christine Pepitone, Billy Pepitone, Guest & Jeff Quinlan)

Retro Sunset Happy Hour at NYC hotspot XVI Rooftop turned the clocks to the present last Wednesday with the official Blu-Ray release party of the Award-winning indie comedy, Stuck in the Middle. Cast members and celebrities mingled as the filmed that has been hailed by critics as "brilliant and cutting edge" played on screens all night to the back drop of the New York City skyline.
The party, hosted by celebrity photographer/Legendary Studio 54 DJ Steve Mack brought Stuck in the Middle stars, Jack Mulcahy, Keith Collins, Penelope Lagos, Cash Tilton, Evonne Walton, Producers and Writers Joseph & Billy Pepitone, Executive Producer Jeff Quinlan. Others in Attendance were Film Director Doug Bollinger (“Waltzing Anna”,”Gravedigger”), Co-Ed Confidential’s Brandon Ruckdashel, celebrity photographers Dia Dipasupil, Ben Gabe, John Lamparski and film producers (“The Great Fight”,”Snapshot”) Bob & Joyce Borneman.
Stuck in the Middle is now on Amazon and will be available on VOD and cable networks in the coming months.

Pick up a copy of “Stuck in the Middle” today

(photo credit: Steve Mack)

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