Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jenn Gotzon, Leaving for Poland, Handed 2 Best Actress Nod’s 1-Wk; in Silent Film THE GOOD BOOK

Award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon received nominations this week from 3 different film festivals for her role as Ruth, a good-willed church do’er scarred by a traumatic event, in writer-director Sharon Wilharm’s The Good Book. Nominations came from International Christian Film Festival (Best Actress) Apr. 23-25 in Orlando, FL, Aletheia Truth Awards (Best Lead Actress) May 2 in Knoxville, TN and Bare Bones International Film Festival (Best Ensemble Cast) Apr. 10-19 in Muskogee, OK. Gotzon is best known for her lead roles in family dramedyGod’s CountryDoonby (co-starring with John Schneider), Oscar-Nominated Alone Yet Not Alone and as First Daughter Tricia Nixon (cameo) in Ron Howard’s Oscar-Nominated Frost/Nixon.

“Jenn Gotzon is a human dynamo turning in Oscar style performances that leaves no doubt she has a destiny of stardom for the rest of her life.,” Dr. Fred Eichelman, Point North Tidings.

With no dialogue in The Good Book, Wilharm directs her ensemble cast to identify with the emotional journey of their characters. Gotzon and her character Ruth share similarities, allowing Gotzon’s performance to identify with her own love, hope, rejection and abandonment. “Life is not always peaches and cream even when you strive to live life loving people unconditionally and be the “good” church girl. Rotten things still happen. It is in those sad moments when our belief in God is truly tested. In midst of the heartache, I choose to meditate on things that are good, pure, lovely believing God will work all things together for the good… ,” Gotzon comparing her personal life with her on-screen character arc.

The Good Book marks the first biblically themed motion picture feature photographed mid-out sound since Cecil B. De Mille’s The Ten Commandments.  The silent American films era spanned from 1895 to 1929 making a comeback with The Artist sweeping the Academy Awards in 2011. The Good Booktells the story of a small red Bible making its way to fourteen strangers and impacting the lives of seven of those individuals. The silent film is a festival charmer with 17 festival official selections, 21 nominations, 5 wins, and 5 upcoming festivals. International Christian Film Festival “Best Actress” nominees include Nancy Stafford (Matlock) and Maggie Elizabeth Jones (We Bought A Zoo), both colleagues of Gotzon.

On the wings of the nominations for The Good BookDoonby, the film that propelled Gotzon’s career, is opening in theaters in Poland on March 27. Jenn Gotzon -- who is 80% Polish and learning key Polish phrases from her mom Jo-Ann and her 94-year old grandma Anna -- is flying for her first time to Poland this Sat. to champion the film with her director Peter Mackenzie. Press and media scheduled by distributor Mar. 23 & 24. Gotzon, who was given the “Award of Excellence” by the Film Advisory Board for her role in Doonby,plays the film’s leading lady - a spoiled, party girl seeking significance in life.

Jenn Gotzon stars in over 20 uplifting films that inspire or impact the mind; 4 releasing 2015: Paul Munger’s Princess Cut (last week, won runner-up Best Film and Audience Choice at Christian Worldview Film Festival), Michael Arnold and Chip Rossetti’s The Colors of Emily, Daniel Pickett’sThe Sacred Eternal and Zac Heath’s Out of Ashes starring Alan Powell (The Song).

Because of Gotzon’s brand of movies, she was signed to a 3-year contract as the spokesmodel forBeijing Jubilee Photography Arts Company where Jenn Gotzon will appear on billboards and advertisements throughout China representing Beijing’s top makeup artist Zhen Jixian.

Gotzon also dedicates time giving back & donating to aspiring performers at AMTC Actors Models Talent For Christ an educational program raising up positive role models in media. Help make Good bolder by joining the movement:

Gotzon is available for interviews speaking out about her own personal journey that parallels her character's journey, Ruth, in The Good Book.
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