Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trial 2020 to be pitched to Networks

Trial 2020's "Women's Rights" episode has recently aired on AZTV 7, Cable 13 Saturday, March 28th. The episode will be pitched to major and minor networks.

In line with the mission of Trial 2020 to "Establish a presence in the entertainment market with a series that addresses interpretations of right and wrong using societal topics that cause the targeted audience to contemplate and investigate positions in the world today," this episode explores "indecent exposure" laws and leaves the door open to explore "public drunkenness"misdemeanors.

Among commercials and PSA's to air during the show, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and "Doc" Jones talk up the upcoming 4th Annual International Jazz Day Festival planned for April 30th at Cityscape. There is also a major pre-event at the Kerr Center, April 29th.

Strategically, a major move is underway to recruit well-connected Producer of Bearfruit Films, James Simmons, to take on a long-term role as Producer Trial 2020. His responsibilities would be far-reaching. "With Simmons on the team, Trial 2020's upside potential goes up up up and fast," shared Abraham Doe, Creator of Trial 2020. "James would move to connect Trial 2020 to a fantastic piece of work going on in the valley that we trust will result in enormous mutual value."

Sandy Kim, a Sr Consultant to Trial 2020, and Simmons would work closely and quickly with Doe to build a writing team that would produce initially 48 episodes, it was learned.

The program expects to raise at least $500,000 fairly quickly.

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