Monday, April 6, 2015

The Unhandyman, New Film by Steve Oakley, Utilizes Unique Filmmaking Approach

According to Steve Oakley, producer and director, “ ‘The Unhandyman,’ a comedy, exploitation and horror film currently shooting, is taking a new approach to achieve new depths of creativity.”  The underlying story of an out-of-work husband who places a “handyman” classified, is replete with surprises, partially by the calls he gets and the requests made, and by the reactions of the actors captured on the first and only takes.  Oakley says he looks upon his actors as “participants” in all phases of a film.  Therefore, if the actor, in a certain scene reacts in a manner befitting the mood, it will be captured by the 6 cameras that are utilized in the shoot. “The surprises promise to exceed all expectations,” says Oakley.

Oakley, who has been making films for more than 15 years, uses exploitation elements to ensure that his films get distributed. In this way he is a mixed bag, artistic, but realistic in what it takes to make a film that will at least get released.

Oakley writes, directs, produces and shoots using the 6 camera technique. Formerly, an actor and director, he commenced writing, directing and filming movies as he learned the craft and acquired “the comfort factor” of turning actors and scripts and locations into stories for the screen.

Oakley’s last two films, “Addicted To Blood” and “Waiting for Dracula” are available through TLA releasing.

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