Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Song of the New Earth": Tom Kenyon Movie plays in New Zealand

"Song of the New Earth" is a movie about US sound specialist Tom Kenyon. It follows the evolution of Tom Kenyon and his four octave vocal range, exploring vibrational sound as a healing and soul connecting competency within all of us.

The film explores in depth the cutting edge scientific research which proves that sound shifts brain states and promotes dramatic healing. "Song of the New Earth" presents not only Tom Kenyon’s extraordinary journey but also an unforgettable experience with sound.

Regardless of a your religion or belief system, "Song of the New Earth" informs, inspires, and provides an extraordinary opportunity to experience how sound and music can be powerful medicine for ourselves and our world.

Autistic, Noah who needs a $20,000 trained dog is the beneficiary of this Auckland screening. Funds will go to ADNZ Assistance Dogs NZ the only provider of Assistance Dogs to New Zealand families supporting a child challenged by disability.

This is a movie and an event! Anne Huxtable, travelling with the movie will close the evening with a live sound bath. And we have a surprise opening for you all.

Please open your hearts and Buy a ticket at www.globalspiritualeventsdirectory.com. If you cannot attend, please consider a "Virtual Ticket" (http://www.globalspiritualeventsdirectory.com) on sale at the same website.

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