Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Award Winning Casting Director Victoria Burrows joins 48FILM Projects Jury

The 48FILM Project is honored to announce that one of the top Casting Directors in the world, Victoria Burrows of Peter Jackson's 'THE LORD OF THE RINGS' and 'THE HOBBIT' trilogies,  and Steven Speilberg's 'TINTIN' and Robert Zemeckis' 'THE WALK,' has joined as a juror for the 2015 competition.

The short film competition made headlines earlier this Fall by announcing the $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars, USD) budget to film a feature film as Grand Prize.

Victoria Burrows began her career in the entertainment industry working with the legendary Ramsay King, one of television’s most iconic casting directors from the early 70’s through to the late 90’s.   Victoria was then asked to join the newly created Stephen Cannell Productions casting team in 1985, where she cast such shows as '21 JUMP STREET,' 'WISEGUY,' 'THE A TEAM', 'RIPTIDE' and 'STINGRAY,' but it wasn’t until she decided to go independent and partnered with colleague Scot Boland, that the opportunity to expand into casting high profile television and feature film projects came along.

Burrows-Boland Casting has an astounding resume. Their feature casting credits include 'THE WALK,' 'FLIGHT,' 'CONTACT,' 'A CHRISTMAS CAROL,' 'THE POLAR EXPRESS' and 'CASTAWAY' starring Tom Hanks, all directed by  Robert Zemeckis. They also were the US casting Directors for 'THE LOVELY BONES', 'KING KONG,' 'THE FRIGHTENERS,' 'THE LORD OF THE RINGS' triology, and 'THE HOBBIT' triogy directed by Peter Jackson; 'THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN produced and directed by Steven Spielberg; 'THE MUSE' and 'LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD' directed by Albert Brooks and action films such as 'HOSTAGE' starring Bruce Willis, and 'DEATH RACE' starring Jason Statham.

Television series include 'MACGYVER,' 'TALES FROM THE CRYPT,' 'DIAGNOSIS MURDER' and 'WALKER, TEXAS RANGER.' Long form TV include miniseries by Stephen King ('IT'), Anne Rice ('FEAST OF ALL SAINTS'), Judith Krantz (’TIL WE MEET AGAIN') and Vincent Bugliosi’s 'AND THE SEA WILL TELL.'

The 48FILM Project online festival is open to everyone: beginner to professional, from all nations.  Once registered, a competing team selects a genre and importantly: when they want to start the clock. 48FILM Project provides three (3) elements that are required to be included: a character, a line and a prop. Filmmakers then have forty eight (48) hours to create a short film in English or with English subtitles, four (4) to seven (7) minutes in length and upload it to https://www.48filmproject.com/competition/2015/register. Creators retain the rights to their own intellectual property.

Ms. Burrows will be instrumental in selecting the winners.  Winning films will be screened at the 2015 award ceremony in Los Angeles, California on February 9, 2016 at the Director’s Guild of America.

For more information, visit: https://www.48filmproject.com

For more information on Ms. Victoria Burrows, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0123305/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

To register and be eligible to win the Grand Prize of making a feature film: https://www.48filmproject.com/competition/2015/register

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