Friday, January 22, 2016

Filmmaker Bets His Future On The Las Vegas Film Community

Supernatural Thiller, "Unwritten" Begins Shooting on January 15th, 2016

Filmmaker Dale Neven is ready to turn his life long dream into a reality as the Independent/local film, “Unwritten" gears up to shoot in Las Vegas. He’s seeking Kickstarter funds but will proceed with or without them.

Shooting Begins January 15, 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding area.

ABOUT THE FILMMAKER & PROJECT: Dale Neven isn’t waiting around for permission to make his movie. He’s saved as much as he can on his own and will stop at nothing to see his dream become a reality. He’s removed all obstacles, left his video production job, and amassed a cast and crew that share one common vision…making an impactful movie on a micro-budget. Neven believes in casting local talent, the films lead character is played by actor Gabriel Burrafato, currently seen on stage as Dean Martin in "VEGAS!The Show."

Neven said, “I feel like this movie is the culmination of a life long journey. I want to make something special, something that will demonstrate that impactful art can be created without large sums of money. My passion and love for filmmaking is driving me to make it happen”.

Neven calls himself a late-bloomer but is quick to point out that everything is happening as it should, and it is happening now. He speaks of his movie, “Unwritten" with a zest and enthusiasm that would make even the biggest cynic think twice about doubting the successful completion of his goal. When asked about his cast and crew he gives a smile that almost seems to spring forth from his eyes, “I refer to my cast and crew as an unstoppable engine and I call my film “The Little Movie That Can!" said, Neven.

When asked why he thinks the time is right for this ambitious endeavor Neven said, “Everything I've learned from working on small budget movies has prepared me for this moment. It’s now or never. I’m ready to take the creativity and ingenuity that comes from making movies on a shoestring and combining it with the quality and professionalism of a big budget feature.”

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