Friday, September 16, 2016

Macho, Macho Birthday Men!

We hear the hot ticket in town tonight is the 16th Annual Kings and Cowboys birthday celebration for Original Village People Cowboy Randy Jones and Actor Keith Collins. This year, named the Sexy Sweet Sixteen the invite only affair is being held at NYC trendy hotspot Troy Liquor Bar. Rumor has it the  theme of the night is "Pretty 'N Pink" with the wildest brightest outfits being worn. Those who graced the velvet ropes in the past will know exactly where this one is heading.
Jones, doing it up right this year is also releasing a new CD called "Mister Right" no stranger to the stage Jones was a world wide phenomenon with the hit group The Village People being named one of the most beloved icons in disco history. Collins, an indie veteran has several new films being released in 2017 including the anticipated thriller The Samaritans.  So saddle up for this one New York always drink upstream from the herd...

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