Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pandamoon Publishing Sells Motion Picture Rights to Sleeperwave Films for LOOKING INTO THE SUN

Pandamoon Publishing is pleased to announce that Sleeperwave Films of San Francisco, California, has purchased the film rights for LOOKING INTO THE SUN, the bestselling novel of the Syrian conflict by Pandamoon author Todd Tavolazzi. Sleeperwave Films intends to produce the film as an independent major motion picture.

"Every day, we see new stories in the headlines about the ongoing tragedies faced by civilian Syrians and their innocent children. LOOKING INTO THE SUN provides an up-close and personal view into what's really happening in that hot spot from someone who knows. Author Todd Tavolazzi based his novel on his own observations while serving as an operational planner to the U.S. Sixth Fleet. In that capacity, Todd and the rest of his group were particularly interested in developments in Syria since their area of responsibility included the territorial waters of Syria's Mediterranean coast. During his research, he became appalled at the deteriorating situation in Syria and particularly its effect on Syrian civilians caught up in the violence," stated Zara Kramer, Publisher of Pandamoon Publishing.

When asked why he wrote LOOKING INTO THE SUN, Todd Tavolazzi said, "Videos of the innocent children who were being shot, starved, gassed, or blown up drove me to write the book. My focus in LOOKING INTO THE SUN was intentionally narrow. I had three simple goals: (1) raise widespread awareness of the sacrifices and risks freelance journalists take to bring us the stories the mass media machine doesn't seem to have time for, (2) acknowledge the ongoing child suffering in Syria since November 2011 and, most importantly, (3) remind the average person that there are credible and effective ways to help these innocent children."

"While LOOKING INTO THE SUN has achieved bestseller status, we knew that we needed a broader reach to shed more light on this subject. Taking this story to the big screen gives us the opportunity to get it in front of a much larger audience. We couldn't be more proud to partner with Eric J. Adams and his team at Sleeperwave Films. An award-winning feature film production company, Sleeperwave Films focuses on films that are socially relevant, our perfect partner to bring this story to life for audiences everywhere," Kramer added.

"LOOKING INTO THE SUN is that rare story that combines emotional resonance, commercial potential, and the opportunity to spotlight an important issue. With his inside view of the Syrian conflict, Tavolazzi takes us on a heartfelt journey of spellbinding veracity. We look forward to working with Todd to bring his vision to the screen," said Adams.

All three partners in this endeavor (Pandamoon Publishing, Author Todd Tavolazzi, and Sleeperwave Films) are so committed to helping the Syrian children that all have agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds of this joint venture to Save the Children, the most important organization providing real relief in the area. Together, we strive to provide Syrian children (and all suffering refugee children throughout the world) the tangible, loving care they need and deserve.

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