Sunday, September 18, 2016

'Wild Faith' Film Bringing on the Grit

"Wild Faith" is an action/drama set a handful of years following the Civil War. The film is set solidly in the western genre but producers have referred to the film as a midWestern. The characters face many of the same struggles that western pioneeers faced but this all unfolds in the heavily forested wilds of Michigan.

Last week Collective Development Inc. (CDI) announced the casting of Lana Wood (The Searchers) and Melissa Anschutz (Ashes of Eden), bringing some beauty and grace to the screen. This week it was announced that two new actors were joining the cast.

First is Austin Two Feathers, who made a powerful presentation in the company's previous foray into the western genre "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town" as Copperhead, a bodyguard for the town mayor. He can also be seen as a bounty hunter in "The Hunt of Lincoln's Assassin" TV movie. He will play one of the films antagonist bringing his unique intensity.

Joining him is fellow 'Ghost Town' legend Robert Bradley - He performed at Maggie Valley, NC - 'Ghost Town in the Sky' theme park for decades with multiple stars from the western genre. He also co-starred in the feature film "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town" playing Cherokee friend Jim Jumper. He now will join the "Wild Faith" cast also playing one of the films antagonist.

Cameras are set to roll in October 2016 with the film releasing in the fall of 2017.

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