Friday, November 18, 2016

9.Solutions Releases Innovative, Entirely Unique Hybrid Jib/Slider the "C-Pan Arm"

After much anticipation the 9.Solutions C-Pan Arm is now available for purchase. 9.Solutions has applied the same unique thinking and innovative design found in their grip and rigging equipment to the C-Pan Arm. The result is a single unit capable of the same movement as a linear slider, jib, small crane, and more.

"The real advantage of the C-Pan Arm is being able to get so many different kinds of shots from one unit", said Bo Christensen, inventor and designer at 9.Solutions. "It's capabilities and design make it entirely unique but it will feel familiar and intuitive to the user."

Compact Versatility

Versatility is the core idea behind the C-Pan Arm. It can replicate the same kind of horizontal and vertical movement as that of a slider or jib and can easily perform diagonal pans, zooms, and fly-over shots. What truly sets the C-Pan Arm apart is its ability to perform all of these moves in linear, wide pan, or parallax arcs with a few easy adjustments. Setup is quick and easy as the self contained unit will mount to any standard tripod.

"Our system uses sealed bearings so unlike typical rail sliders, dust and particles will not be a concern and won't affect the C-Pan Arm's movement", said Christensen. "We made sure the C-Pan Arm would deliver motion that is smooth and consistent."

The C-Pan Arm is an ideal and compact camera movement solution for shooters of all kinds that are looking for a high quality, intuitive piece of hardware.

Pricing and Availability

The C-Pan Arm is currently available for order at and local photo, video and film dealers. It will retail by itself for $1,999.00 or bundled with a heavy-duty tripod for $2,199.00. First production quantities are almost sold out but there is more on the way.

About 9.Solutions

9.Solutions specializes in creating innovative support products for a variety of creative industries like photo, film, stage and music among many others. Our product range covers a wide variety of support solutions for mounting, holding, clamping and moving different kinds of equipment. Each product is meticulously designed to solve the unique challenges presented by multi-media production. Our dedication to craftsmanship and innovative design yields groundbreaking results with the goal of empowering creators with the tools necessary for realizing their vision.

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