Monday, November 7, 2016

Beautiful Brit Rocks the Red Carpet!

"Many in Hollywood 'talk the talk,' but very few 'walk the walk!" an entertainment reporter just relayed. "Lydia Backhouse is rocking the red carpet again!" he exclaimed as the crowd experienced actress Lydia Backhouse walking (and rocking!) yet another Hollywood world movie premiere red carpet.

Lydia was amongst the tens of millions of children who fantasized about growing up and becoming famous movie actors. Nearly everyone else gave up on their dreams and settled for "more sensible" choices. Not Lydia Backhouse! We asked her why.

"Once you have passion and are willing to approach your career as a serious business, there's no one alive who can stop you – except yourself," Lydia explained. "I never had a 'Plan B' because failure was never an option. I think most people who give themselves a 'Plan B' end up giving up on their dreams and settling for that 'Plan B.'"

Lydia Backhouse is an extraordinarily gifted, classically trained British actress who left Great Britain and moved to Hollywood, USA just prior to her eighteenth birthday. "It's been a wonderful journey," Lydia shared. "I'm living my dream and I want people to know that they can achieve and live theirs as well. One of the secrets of success," she added, "is to enjoy the journey!"

Completely comfortable and "at home" in front of the motion picture and television cameras, Lydia is a sought-after guest by red carpet photographers, videographers, and TV interviewers. As an example, Urban Media Group's Bob Delgadillo, one of Hollywood's best-known top celebrity and red carpet photographers, says he always looks forward to shooting Lydia.

"Lydia is wonderful on the red carpet," Bob Delgadillo told us. "She epitomizes excitement and beauty! She possesses that exceptionally rare star quality and charisma that feeds the camera - and she's a genuinely nice person."

Lydia Backhouse – an outstanding classically-trained professional actress and a wonderful lady who is living her Hollywood dream – and Rocking the Red Carpet!

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