Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Matchbook Media + Pr Announces Partnership To Lead Entertainment Industry Growth In Georgia

Media production and public relations company matchbook media + pr celebrates over five years in Atlanta by opening new midtown offices at Strongbox West. The private office space includes access to thousands of square feet of event and creative work spaces.

The company has partnered with the angel investing organization, Ritz Group, to launch new entertainment initiatives for the State of Georgia and expand production by Georgia-owned companies. Matchbook media + pr is uniquely positioned to be the leading entertainment company in Georgia. The locally-owned firm is now offering complete production services alongside public relations and advertising. Now, matchbook media + pr can offer the following:

Preproduction, Location Scouting, Permitting, Government Relations, Crew Staffing, Union Relations, Casting, Talent Management, Public Relations, EPK Production, Equipment Rentals, Project Financing and Distribution.

The company has also just launched the IGNITE! business incubator program. The service provides an all-inclusive process that transforms an aspiring entrepreneur's business idea into a working, registered company with customers calling. The program has driven entrepreneurial success in as little as three weeks. IGNITE! participants receive one-on-one coaching, legal incorporation, operational planning, staffing, branding and marketing services. This allows the business owner to focus on creating the products and services their customers want.

To contact matchbook media + pr, please visit their website at:

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