Monday, November 21, 2016

Kickstarter Campaign for A.G. Morgan's Screenplay of her Novel "Purple Angst"

 A.G. Morgan has begun a Kickstarter campaign for her project of turning her novel, Purple Angst, into a feature film screenplay. She is fundraising so that she and her collaborators can take the requisite time to transform her novel of love, friendship, and crippling anxiety into an independent film slated for the film festival circuit.

Morgan's debut novel, Purple Angst, is an excellent study of a topic too often ignored. Crippling anxiety leading to debilitating attacks and breakdowns is the major subject of this well-researched and written novel. Morgan shines a much-needed light on this affliction through her compelling and insightful story, while examining the nature of friendship, loss, betrayal, and anxiety reflective in the emotional core of this book.

"It has everything to make an outstanding movie, especially touching on how anxiety affects the characters and situations throughout the book," Morgan stated. "I want to share this message, especially with young adults."

Purple Angst is a story about friendship and the many trials one can endure with a best friend. The novel truly explains the many paths of laughter, fighting, adventure, and betrayal that can be taken from childhood to adulthood, and the inevitable limits in which friends push one another given life-changing events.

The Kickstarter Campaign will provide Morgan with the flexibility to write her screenplay without having to worry about finding funds or not being able to travel to where she and her collaborators can meet to create the script.

If you would like to contribute to the Kickstarter Campaign for Purple Angst, please visit:

The rewards are fun, from a signed copy of the book, to becoming a walk on or extra in the film.

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