Friday, October 20, 2017

Gunn Pulls Trigger on Quantum Theory

Repertory film company 8 Sided Films proudly announces the attachment of actor Elinor Gunn to a leading role in the $1.04 million science-fiction heist movie Quantum Theory. Director Tennyson E. Stead explains that "plenty of actors in Hollywood will demand tenacity and excellence from themselves when it comes to performance work and audience-building. To lead this ensemble, we need the actor who's been demanding those things from herself for a lifetime already - and that's Elinor Gunn."

Quantum Theory is the story of two women of science who build a prototype with the power to manipulate reality itself, and who must find a way to reclaim that technology when it falls into ruthless hands. Gunn will play the starring role of Gertrude "Roe" Monroe, who she describes as "dry and acerbic and focused as hell." According to Gunn, "She knows what she wants and how to get it, and she is badass by accident. I love her clumsy, socially awkward, loyal self. The fact that she gets to save the world is icing on the cake."

Gunn is an alum of Upright Citizens Brigade, Seattle Shakespeare Company, and Sound Theatre Company, and stars in her first mainstage production as a member of Hollywood's acclaimed Theater of Note, "Hello Stranger" by Sharon Yablon, starting October 19. Tennyson E. Stead is an award-winning writer and director with writing and production credits in feature films, theater, and web content. 8 Sided Films is an independent film company built on the values and practices of repertory theater, including active, mutual accountability for the excellence of a production and for the integrity of a production's community of support.

"I am very excited to be a part of this project and to work with people who really understand the industry, but aren't jaded about it," Gunn reveals. "They have all worked hard on achieving a way to 'do Hollywood' and maintain sanity, integrity, and craft. I absolutely want to be a part of projects that care about their actors, their crew, and their audience."

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