Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Vampires Sink Teeth at Atlantic City Cinefest In "Fruit Bat II"

Javahead Productions is proud to announce its acceptance and screening of its latest film “Fruit Bat II” at the tenth annual Atlantic City Cinefest on October 14th. “Fruit Bat II” is the second installation in a digital miniseries directed and written by Alex J. Murphy about vampires, vegetarians, and corpse keg parties.

The short film will be making its big screen debut at Dante Hall Theater, located at 14 North Mississippi Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ at 3:15.

Two vampire brothers, Lenny and Eugene, find themselves attending a vampire house party for the undead. It's here that Lenny quickly learns Eugene's vegetarian ways cannot be masked in social settings.

Vampiric vegetarian Eugene is played by newcomer David J. Marzano, an actor from Scotch Plains, NJ. Opposite is Lenny, played by actor and voiceover extraordinaire Peter Coleman ("Anamnesis"). Jared Vollmann ("Scream Generations"), Reuben E. Natan ("Renaldo the Magician"), and Jenna Moschella ("Vamp Bikers Dos") also star in the film as distinguished blood sucking partygoers.

The film series lives online on Vimeo and YouTube on Javahead Productions' media pages. Tickets for the Atlantic City Cinefest can be purchased online at the festival's official website.

Fruit Bat II (2016, 5 mins.) Writer, Director, Producer: Alex J. Murphy. Editor and Associate Producer: Michael Posner. Director of Photography: Roxy Barrett. Production Designer: Danica Carothers. Javahead Productions.

For more information, contact javaheadproductions@gmail.com, or visit makefriendsnotfeasts.com.