Friday, October 20, 2017

U(SA) Docuseries: You Never Thought Hip-Hop Would Take It This Far

DJ SuperNova presents his recent project, U(SA), a seven-episode docuseries that gives an inside look at the growing South African hip-hop scene, and introduces Americans to how artists across the Atlantic are making it their own.

"I knew it was important to document my experiences in the S.A. hip-hop scene because of the level of success these artists were accomplishing," said DJ SuperNova. "Their achievements were an indicator that hip-hop was resonating within the community and creating influence all on its own."

U(SA) jumpstarts the conversation on the influence hip-hop is having in South African culture through the eyes of S.A. artists DJ SuperNova has built relationships with over the last six years.  The series also explores the perspectives of the Bronx-born, Dominican-American who, like many in the U.S, had limited exposure to the diversity of Africans across media platforms.

"During my first visit to S.A. in 2011, I was part of a traveling theater production where I had the opportunity to talk to people and learn their stories. I quickly recognized a commonality in our goals as well as our struggles in life's journey," noted the DJ. "Despite being an American in unfamiliar territory, I could still connect with audiences and provide memorable guest sets at some of the biggest clubs and festivals because of hip-hop."

Part of the connections DJ SuperNova has made has come from the art of blending – a tool DJs use to take the acapella of one song and place it over the instrumental of another. It's a technique the American DJ has used to feature the music of South African Artists, and create a remix of familiar concepts with fresh sounds. Since March 2012, his mixes have been featured regularly on Naked DJ and Lulo Café's radio show on Metro FM, the No. 1 national urban radio station in South Africa.

U(SA) shows that there is an opportunity for greater collaboration between American and South African artists to bridge the gap, cross-pollinate fans and create opportunities for people to learn from one another.

"Ultimately as a DJ, I am in a position to bring people together through music and with projects such as U(SA)," said DJ SuperNova.

"I would like more opportunities to travel and document hip-hop across the globe in places like Tanzania, Japan, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Hip-hop is arguably the greatest cultural influence and we should be exploring its impact around the world."

U(SA) premieres Thursday, September 21 on DJ SuperNova's YouTube channel where viewers can watch new episodes each week.

For a sneak peek, visit to watch the official trailer.

Official Trailer and Episode Clips

Official trailer -

Episode clip 1 -

Episode clip 2 -

About DJ SuperNova
For more than a decade, DJ SuperNova has consistently brought skill, sophistication and positive energy to his nightclub, festival and college bookings, as well as his events worldwide. He takes great pride in curating memorable sets, whether his clients want Hip-Hop, Top 40, EDM, Latin, Classics or Reggae. The musical adventure that began as a dream during his childhood in the Bronx, NY, would be realized across college campuses, theatrical productions, air waves and international events. To learn more and follow his music, visit


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